Ultimate Guide to Orgasms through Prostate Massage

Prostate orgasm is still surrounded by taboos. Different from the penis, more focused on the outside, it opens the field of enjoyment to new sensations. Provided you name it. The keys, step by step, and benefits of prostate massage with sex therapist.

What is prostatic orgasm?

The prostate is a gland that contains seminal fluid. It is located under

the bladder, at the front of the rectum. It must go through a rectal examination to stimulate it, it can be done with the finger or with a sex toy suitable for this purpose. The sensations associated with it diffuse inside the body, unlike the penis, directed outwards.

Stimulation of the prostate: what is the right position?

Access to this area, when you are solo, is easier in some positions. Since the relaxation factor is important, finding the one that suits you best is also important. Those favored by men are:

  • Position in rifle, knees brought to you, and both hands available;
  • The position on the back, the buttocks raised on a cushion, the knees bent or brought back to you.

How to stimulate the prostate?

A good stimulation requires some precautions of use, namely hygiene of the anal area irreproachable, just like that of the fingers. Well cut nails are preferable, to avoid getting hurt. Provide a lubricant. Give priority to a tiered approach, such as foreplay. The massage is first external. Tap the perineum acupressure area located between the sex and the anus. Then massage the anus so that it opens, in small circular movements, without hitting the mucous membranes, very sensitive to this place. Then do the massage of the prostate, a finger in the rectum. This highly vascular area reacts to heat and back-and-forth movement. Attention, it is located near the bladder; you may have a desire to pee.

Allow yourself to take pleasure

It is an area surrounded by many taboos. It is often associated with a “dirty”, “homosexual” or medical area with digital rectal examination indicated for prostate cancer screening. The main key to the pleasure is to allow you to invest this area, and to pass from the penetrating man to the penetrated man. Then, it is possible to benefit from its virtues of enjoyment. Another important point: “Having fun is not going to change your sexual orientation, if you are straight, “reassures the sex therapist.

Breathing, key element to access pleasure

Pay attention to your breathing! It is possible that you retain it, or that it is jerky. Take further breaths, to let the energy circulate and invade your entire body. The virtues of breathing are proven: it allows relaxing the mind, to focus on his feelings, and to leave aside the critical parts. Breathing allows you to come back to you: the effects of relaxation and relaxation are amplified, thus promoting access to pleasure.

Focus on your feelings

The usual sensations associated with male pleasure are external, with the notion of growing excitement. Here, they are new sensations, rectal contractions, micro-sensations that you probably do not pay attention usually. The orgasmic wave “prostatic” is present at small steps, in micro-contractions .There is no immediate explosion, its progressive. It takes patience, perseverance and coming back. Listening is not easy!

Point P: Squirting without the penis

You may be tempted to return to a more familiar mode, and grab your sex, for “acme”. Resist keeping exploring what’s going on differently. Leave your sex aside for a moment. Tame this area. Allow time for micro-sensations to reach the brain, and your body to continue the experiment.

P-point solo or duet

The best way to start is to explore prostate orgasm solo, to tame these new sensations at your own pace. Take this time just for you, explore smoothly, without waiting. It’s a slow exploration that takes time. With a partner put a frame, if it’s possible. Ask him to be there for you, to progress little by little listening to your feelings.

The sex toy: instructions for use

Solo prostate massage with your finger is not always easy. It’s not so comfortable. “For some, a sex toy adapted to go beyond certain resistance ” explains expert. Choose a sex toy that fits your anatomy, preferably non-vibrating, just to establish the excitement with princess plugs. It should not be too big, too big, or too curved. Ask for advice. The best performers are prostate stimulators, designed for this purpose.

How to use: Avoid manual back and forth which concentrates the action on the rectal area, and no longer on the prostate. You will move away from your feelings. Introduce it and let it go without intervening. The contractions of the sphincter will produce a natural back and forth motion. Let the sensations come.

Vibrations attention!

Vibrating sex toys are to be used with moderation. Indeed with the vibration, the result is guaranteed, often at high speed and intensity. It can bring enjoyment of this area, more easily. However, there is the risk of overbidding, of wanting more and more, and in the long run anesthetizing sensations. The best is to alternate and savor the difference. Prostate orgasm can be divided into several stages. Indeed, prostatic pleasure does not suddenly come as a classic orgasm during masturbation or intercourse. Talk about Super-O in the last stage of the prostate orgasm, after a quality prostate massage and preferably with a prostatic stimulator.

Non-ejaculatory orgasms will occur, cries of pleasure impossible to remember, a trembling body on all sides that no longer control. But the Grail is the arrival of the Super Orgasm. Your whole body becomes orgasmic. The simple touch of a leg, hand, face or any other part of your anatomy will result in a new orgasm more powerful than the previous one

Prepare for Prostatic Orgasm

As with any sexual act, desire and desire must be present. It is useless, especially if you start the prostate massage, to do this just to test 5 minutes. You must have time in front of you and be quiet.

Cut your laptop and relax.

As mentioned above, you will need calm and time to practice a quality prostate massage. Close doors and windows, turn off your smart phone and relax. Try to relax to the maximum to feel the best feelings about your prostate and your perineum. A new discovery of your body will have to be made. And believe me, it’s a treasure hunt you’re headed for.

Lie on your back and once relaxed, contract your sphincter very slightly, which will slightly contract your perineum. This while inhaling very hard and cutting your breath during the contraction. Wait a few seconds, and then slowly release your breathing and your contraction of the perineum. Repeat this 5 to 10 times. You may already feel some prostate sensations.