Pregnancy sex and toys: Everything you need to know

Let’s face it — there aren’t many things better than having a baby. Having kids is simply what it’s all about for some people, but it comes at the cost of your sex life to some degree. Well, at least during those nine months of expecting.

Lots of people think that having intercourse during that period isn’t safe for both the baby and the mother. However, we’re here to tell you that it’s not all that bad. You can still manage to have fun with your partner and by yourself.

Pregnancy sex positions


Pregnancy is the best time for partners to show affection for one another. From morning sickness to hormonal disbalance, pregnant women sometimes feel less attractive to their partner and feel bad about it. Hence, enjoying missionary as one of the most intimate positions might be the perfect way to have sex during the early days.

In case you don’t know, the missionary position consists of the woman lying on her back and her partner over her. They’re like a stack of cards, one on top of the other. But the fact that they have clear eye contact is what makes it so lovely. It allows for partners to kiss each other while the man does the penetration.


Another great way for partners who are expecting is spooning. It’s also a pretty intimate position, but there’s no eye contact this time. The woman rests on her side while the man goes in from behind (vaginal or anal sex). Her position allows him to kiss her all over her neck and cheeks, making it cozy and loving.

Spooning is pretty safe for the baby since there are no fast motions involved. The partners’ positions don’t allow for extreme plowing and thrusting. Also, the man can caress his lover’s breast while at it as they’re more than sensitive during those nine months of carrying.


Having sex from behind while on all fours is pretty safe. The position removes the pressure from the female’s abdomen, meaning there’s no risk of hurting the baby. You can use pillows or soft sheets to make sure your hands and knees don’t get hurt while at it.

Of course, you should think about the level of penetration. In the early days and months, there won’t be much trouble. However, once you start to feel uncomfortable while your man is going deeper, you should level down. Also, during the last two months, we’d suggest you skip doggy style because of the size of your belly.


Lastly, we’d like to mention the harmony position. The whole point is for the woman carrying to place a pillow behind her lower back, lifting her legs and wrapping them around her man. While doing so, he can penetrate her straight while looking her directly in the eyes.

However, you should skip harmony after the first two months. It’s a great position for feeling close to one another, but when your fetus gets bigger, it might seem smart to skip adding pressure onto your back and stomach.

Tips when using sex toys while pregnant

Keep it clean

Keeping up with your sex drive while pregnant can be difficult. You might feel hornier at times, so you’d normally go for some manual action. Still, you shouldn’t take masturbating during pregnancy lightly.

We strongly suggest that you clean your toys both before and after playing with yourself. It’s important to make sure you don’t allow any bacteria inside your body. Also, sexually transmitted infections go hand-in-hand with dirty sex toys.

Dedicate each toy to an erogenous zone

Like we’ve said, STIs are pretty common if you don’t keep your toys clean. However, they can present themselves if you use the same toy for different holes. For example, using a dildo for vaginal and anal penetration can be pretty risky.

Our advice is to dedicate each toy to a different part of your body. And if you want to feel that one dildo in both your holes, be sure to clean it thoroughly beforehand. You can also place a condom over it for extra safety. Alternatively, you can also purchase a butt plug that is specifically designed for anal penetration. Not sure which one to get? Take a look at this butt plug collection by

Be gentle

During pregnancy, your body becomes way more sensitive. Even the slightest of touches can feel somewhat aggressive and painful. Hence, it’s essential to start slow with each sex toy you’re using. And when you figure out how your body reacts to certain sexual activities, you can up the level of intensity.

You shouldn’t go all-out guns blazing. There’s no need for extreme scenarios while being pregnant at all. Not only will it feel uncomfortable to yourself, but it might damage the fetus inside your body. Playing it nice and easy will be both perfectly safe and enough to make you orgasm and relieve pressure.

Check the quality of your toys

The quality of the toys you use isn’t something you should take lightly. Luckily, most toys these days come from body-safe materials such as silicon, glass, wood, and TPE. And if you buy them from unreliable sellers, be sure to check the description of the products.

This doesn’t only apply while pregnant. You should keep in mind that some toys are simply not as good as others. And if you want a safe masturbating experience, keep an eye out for body-safe materials we’ve mentioned above.

If you’re going to use lube, keep it simple

Another thing you should keep in mind is what kind of lubrication you’re using. Again, this is important even if you’re not expecting. Some like to brag about how their lubes are scented, flavored, or even warming. But these products often use chemicals that can cause nasty skin irritation and infections. So, keep it simple and use regular water-based lube.

Listen to your doctor

There’s only so much we can offer as sex experts here. Hence, we’d always suggest that you speak to your doctor before engaging in any form of sexual activity. Not only do they know better, but they’ll also have a clear idea of how your pregnancy is going.

If your doctor tells you not to have penetrative sex — don’t do it. After all, intercourse isn’t only about penetration. There are numerous ways you can get off and have a great time without your man placing his penis inside you. Have fun with oral sex, and keep things simple if that’s what your doc says.