History of Dildo: Know about the Ancient Dildos

Girls, if you think the vibrator is a sex toy invented in modern times, well this is not right. Learn that these tools have been invented since antiquity.Below you will find a brief history of these accessories designed to bring sexual satisfaction to women all over the world.

From antiquity until the 20th century, sex toys evolved a lot

The first documented toys were found in Ancient Greece around the year 500 BC, women using wood or stone objects called “Olisbos” that were being marketed.In the medieval age, plants were used that swelled in hot water for the sexual satisfaction of women.In the 1400s, in Italy, sex toys were called “Diletto” and were made of leather, stone, marble or wood. In England the first vibrators appeared in the 1500s.

In the Victorian Age was invented a steam-powered vibratory machine that helps treat women who suffer from hysteria.At the beginning of the 20th century, with the spread of electricity, the electric vibrator also appeared, and in the 1950s the sex toys were revived due to the introduction of latex and rubber.

History of vibrators

The first specialized stores appeared in 2001 or 2002. And if there are people dissatisfied with the evolution of the sex market, they must note that in Saudi Arabia the first sex shop opened last year.

People have always been interested in sexuality, as evidenced by countless discoveries. Even if we thought the vibrator, lubricant, condom, or even pornography were the shakes of our times, more and more evidence is coming to frustrate. According to research, there are many such sexual objects like antique dildos that have their origins in the past.


Inflatable dolls, 1904

Since the seventeenth century, first evidence has emerged that they were seeking substitutes for normal sexual intercourse. In 1904, alchemist Rene Schwaeble reports that he had a meeting in Paris with a certain Dr. P. He would have made the first inflatable dolls for “gentlemen with certain requirements.”

Rectal dilator, 1892

The rectal dilator, a less scandalous title for the rectal vibrator, was invented in 1892. About the 11.5 cm long device it was said to be a hemorrhoid remedy, being sold as a medical instrument. Still, the instructions were pretty clear. As a matter of fact, the dilater was banned in 1938, relying on masked advertising.

The vibrator, 1869

Although George Taylor is the inventor of the vibrator, the most popular version was that of 1880 by J. Granville. It is said that the vibrator has been crazy success, in official environments being described as a medical or sexual aid.

Condom, 1560

The first record of condom use appears in 1564 when, with the syphilis epidemic, people searched for a safe method of having sex. Gabrielle Falloppio invented a kind of condom, a material absorbed in some chemicals, then left to dry. At that time, even a study was conducted, which showed that out of 1,100 volunteers, none got sick after wearing this condom.

Pencil ring, 1200

The penis ring would have been invented by the Chinese who were facing quite demanding and stressful situations alike. Thus, the Chinese nobles had to regularly satisfy their wife, deeds and concubines. In addition, they were pressured by time, knowing that, in the absence of an heir, the leadership would be taken over by somebody else. Under these conditions, the penis ring, made from goat’s husband (still having intact genes), took them out of the mess every time.

Vaginal Balls (Bile Geisha), 500 en

Vaginal balls appear in most Asian cultures, their origin dating is somewhere around 500 en being used exclusively for men’s pleasure. The balls were meant to boost pleasure during sex, being also known as Ben Wa Balls, Rin No Tarna or Burmese Balls.

Expansion of the penis, 3rd century AD

A suggestion in the Kama Sutra manual referred to penis enlargement (both in length and thickness) through a device called “apadravytas” made of gold, ivory or silver.

Lubricant, Ancient Greece

Undoubtedly, it is the Greeks who discovered the lubricant. Signs of this appear in the writings of Aristotle, Herodot, Plutarch or Soranus.

Stone vibrator, 23,000 yen

Well, the vibrator seems to be the most enduring invention of people. 20 centimeters long, of stone, they were discovered in Germany and are 26,000 years old.

Several years ago, the archaeologists discovered a vulgar prehistoric statue, even pornographic. More specifically, the statue depicted a woman’s trunk with exaggerated sexual parts. Researchers believe the subject would be 35,000 years old.

Strange testimonies about the use of sex toys in the ancient world show how popular these were in ancient Greece, but also that the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, had the first vibrator. A wedding ritual in the Roman world involves the use of sexual objects, but their earliest archaeological discoveries date from the Stone Age.

Sex toys have been used since the Stone Age, according to archaeological testimonies. The oldest object with such connotations is a 20-centimeter long polished stone fossil dating back to the Paleolithic period. It was found by archaeologists in Germany’s HohleFels Cave. In the same period, some of the artifacts called archaeologists of Command Bars, stone objects that gave rise to many controversies. They were decorated and encrusted with animal figures and used to straighten spears. But some archaeologists have argued that because of their shape and symbolism they could also be used as sex toys. Cleopatra had a vibrator According to historical testimonies; Cleopatra would have been the first woman to use a vibrator. Being unhappy with her sexual toys, the queen of Egypt would have asked for such an object to be made of a gourd in which live bees were introduced. Another Cleopatra account showed that the queen known in his day as a symbol of sexuality would have received from Julius Caesar a golden penis embedded with artistic designs, perhaps the most expensive sexual object of that time.

Ancient world stories provide details about the inventiveness of sex toys and the fact that they have the role not only to physically stimulate their possessors but also to stimulate their minds and emotions. There are testimonies about the sexual use of cucumbers and carrots, as well as artificial vaginas. Sex toys, popular in ancient Greece The first sexual objects mentioned in the Greek world were made of stone, tar, wood and other materials that could be shaped in the form of penises and which were strong enough to be used as penetrating sexual toys.…