How Does Prostate Massage Work?

The prostate can be felt through the rectum. It lies about three to five centimeters inside the body, oriented towards the front of the abdomen. When feeling it is important that you proceed very carefully. Most men are not used to anal stimulation. Many associate it with a taboo and therefore cramp themselves when touched, which can lead to pain. A lubricant facilitates the feeling and the massage. But it is also important that you always consult, if the touch feels good and if you want to continue.

The prostate massage is often treated as the insider tip, and breathtaking orgasms are promised. Flat promises, how great the massage feels, are to be treated with caution. Because in the end the massage, like any sex technique, is a matter of personal preference. Some men find the feeling very intense and beautiful, others do not like it at all, others just do not find it so special. You just have to try it if you wonder.

There is no guarantee that the massage has a positive impact on your husband’s erection. There are men who enjoy anal stimulation with or without targeted prostate massage, but still lose their erections. In others, stimulation enhances erection. Still others do not notice anything. How your husband reacts depends on the type of erectile dysfunction. There are Prostate massage therapy for premature ejaculation as well.

Have you ever heard of a prostate massage? The prostate is either stimulated directly or indirectly and can give the man so an incredibly intense orgasm. If you would like to try this special practice with your partner, here you will find instructions for a successful prostate massage.

A massage of the prostate is sometimes performed for medical reasons (for example, during a prostate inflammation), but can also provide for sexual pleasure. Because the prostate is considered a “male G-spot” and can make your partner a great orgasm, without the penis is stimulated. She is very sensitive and swells with excitement. No matter whether homosexual or heterosexual: A lot of men are about to get such a massage, be it directly via the anus or indirectly, ie from the outside.

Preparation of prostate massage

With us you get a guide for the prostate massage. Maybe your partner has already told you that he’s getting his prostate stimulated or you just want to try it out together. There are two possibilities: First, the massage of the perineum, the area between the testicles and the anus, whereby the prostate is stimulated indirectly and externally. No specific preparation is needed. On the other hand, there is the direct prostate massage, in which you insert one or two fingers into the butt of your partner. Of course this is not something for everyone and of course no obligation during sex. Nevertheless, many men are on it, and a large number of women like to meet their partner’s desire. If you are sure that you also want to try it and have talked to your friend about it (and of course he wants it), there are only a few things to do:

Get a lot of lubes. To introduce something rectally, you should always have a tube ready (as a lubricant substitute, there are also home remedies).

You can use disposable gloves. Of course, the anus is not necessarily the germ-free area of the body – if it’s more comfortable for you, just wear a glove.

Short your fingernails. The butt is a sensitive region and long or sharp nails increase the risk of injury to the man.

Hygiene is important. Your partner should thoroughly clean his anal region before and of course, you should also wash your hands.

The right mood: For a prostate massage your sweetheart should be relaxed and excited because when excited, the prostate swells and is much easier to palpate.

Sex toys as an alternative. If you do not delude yourself with your fingers, you can instead use a dildo or vibrator to achieve that ultimate orgasm that you’ve been longing for. This may come completely new to you so have a read in this article, the ultimate guide to prostate orgasms.

  • Instructions: Direct prostate massage
  • Distribute enough lubricant on your finger and anus. You can take either the index or middle finger, later both.
  • Now slowly insert the finger into the anus until you are about 5 to 8 centimeters deep in it (the anatomy is different for every man).
  • Now bend your finger in the direction of the abdomen, i.e. forward.
  • Try to feel the prostate: it is about the size of a chestnut. Exercise slight pressure.
  • Ask your partner if you have got the right job and if it feels good.
  • If everything is fine, you can start with the prostate massage.

Possible massage techniques: You can perform circular or rubbing movements, lightly press the prostate with your finger, or, if you use two fingers, clasp and massage the prostate. Keep in mind that the stimulation does not work at the touch of a button and pay close attention to what pleases and does not please your sweetheart.

Direct prostate massage

A direct prostate massage can drive him crazy.

Instructions: Indirect prostate massage

External massage of the prostate is ideal if one of the partners or both are not prepared for anal insertion. It takes place over the dam, also called Pereneum. Here sits a large bundle of nerves, which also stimulates and can be satisfied. You can rub, scrub or stroke the area with your fingers, with more pressure than the direct prostate massage. Meanwhile, you can indulge the penis with a hand job or miss your partner a great blowjob with the other hand . After that, your sweetheart can reciprocate with you. Incidentally, the indirect prostate massage also works great with a vibrator during lovemaking!

Even women who are not available for anal sex in the form of anal intercourse, but you can often inspire at least for the anal massage. But you have to differentiate. In a broader sense, the anal massage, the after massage, is all about massaging the butt, ie anal stimulation with the finger, tongue or even a vibrator, purely from the outside, without penetration. In the narrower sense, however, it is the anal massagefor the targeted massage of the prostate of the man; which is why they call her prostate massage. Or Greek massage – as well as the anal sex is generally referred to as Greek sex. An anal massage in this sense is of course only possible if you penetrate with the finger or an object in the anus. In the BDSM context, the prostate massage is often used for so-called Forced Sucking, if the sub is kept chaste for a long time, so may not have a real orgasm, because while secretion can emerge without the man has a climax.