Guide to Choosing the Right Anal Pleasure Tool for the Ultimate Orgasm

Butt plug – one of the most popular sex toys, thanks to a huge variety of choices. Depending on the size, shape and material, the cork can give not only pleasure, but also good training for the muscles, as well as carry a purely decorative function, for example, in an intimate prelude for a couple.

How to choose a butt plug

Traffic jams are so different that it is easy for a novice user to get lost in such a huge choice. Butt plugs can be either standard – cone-shaped, or curved, with wavy or ribbed walls. There is a separate category of plugs with vibration – with remote control or from the wire. There is also a decorative cork – with a beautiful design, with tails or something decorated. Perhaps, in a separate category you can take out durable corks for those who like to wear such toys under clothing.

All this diversity is aimed at ensuring that everyone can choose something for themselves according to their desires. This can be a game with a cork in private, a supplement during the sex of both partners, or a piquant feature in a love foreplay

First of all, you should pay attention to the size and material of the anal plug. Especially popular are soft silicone tubes made of silicone, which reduce the likelihood of damage to the walls of the anus to a minimum. Beginners are advised to opt for smooth cones in the form of cones – such toys perfectly stretch the muscles of the anus without strong painful sensations. As for size, it is worth starting with small traffic jams – no more than one or two fingers wide (1-2 cm). To stimulate the prostate for men, there are special curved anal plugs – from both hard material and softer material. Many recommend the LP prostate massager for its quality and better experience.

For completeness of sensations, you can do double stimulation of both genitals – a girl can experiment with a vibrator at the same time, for men, a sex shop can provide a good choice of products to stimulate the penis.

It is worth noting that when using anal plug, it is important to stock up on good anal lubricant. This is a category of lubricants that are specifically designed to minimize unpleasant and painful sensations due to the special composition, because in the anus (unlike the vagina) muscles do not stretch too quickly and easily, and no natural lubricant is released.

 Depending on the category, you can pick up the cork with or without vibration, the desired color and material. Butt plugs are made not only of silicone or plastic, but it can also be rubber, polyvinyl chloride and even glass.

The experienced sexologists will be happy to help you make your choice between anal beads vs butt plug. Their managers will be able to advise you on a suitable toy depending on your physiological characteristics and preferences.

Couples practicing anal sex, they know what a butt plug is. However, for the uninitiated, this can be an amazing discovery in the world of sexual pleasure. Butt plugs like many women, and nowadays a variety of surprises. In the sex shop there are traffic jams with various stones on the wide part and with a tail made of fur for role-playing. Different materials in which these stimulants are made can please any fantasy. Selecting the anal plug, it is worth considering a few points.

Using this accessory, you must follow the rules of hygiene. Treatment with a disinfectant solution before and after is necessary in order to avoid infections. You also need to take care of the lubricant. Silicone grease is ideal. This will make it easy to enter and remove, but feeling discomfort.

The size of the anal plugs is also great. You can pick up a small, with a slight limiter, which will not interfere with movement. But you can also choose a bigger size and longer. It is a variety of sensations. The limiter will not allow the tube to get inside completely. However, it is worth being careful in using this sex toy.

The cultural and sexual revolution has lifted many moral prohibitions and, among others, on naughty anal games. Today, the sex life of many couples is diversified by entertainment, where an essential role is assigned to various “toys” for anal sensations. The main accessory of the specified sexual leisure is the butt plug. This thing can achieve a visible change in attitudes towards sex and achieve the strongest orgasms of both partners. So what is this butt plug like that? To shed more light on that you can visit LovePlugs for more info about anal toys.


Accessory pleasure looks like a dildo in miniature. Their shape is different, often cone-shaped, but there may be fancy curved options. The surface of the cork is either smooth or convex. The base is expanded, which prevents complete penetration.

There are models equipped with pumps. These instances are able to significantly expand the range of sensations and cause the partner to get incredible pleasure.


Anal devices can be used by participants of sexual intercourse of both sexes. Many men enjoy the use of traffic jams and enthusiastically use them to bring their partner to ecstasy. In the aggregate, this brings her the greatest pleasure.

Using cork will be the first step towards anal sex. And, no matter how it sounds, the use of the accessory has a healing effect on men. The curved surface massages the prostate, which prevents the negative effects of stagnation. Walking with a cork inserted is very exciting and makes you want to continue “action-packed” entertainment in bed conditions.

The right choice and use

Beginners are encouraged to purchase latex plugs. Suppose also a silicone version of a small diameter. Soft material and small size will ensure painless penetration and, conditionally speaking, a gradual entry into the topic. More experienced and sophisticated lovers of exquisite sexual adventures choose the goods according to their readiness and demands. The market of intimate products is replete with a variety of models of anal plugs, so there is no shortage of choice.

For safe use of traffic jams, it is enough to adhere to certain rules:

  • Hygiene, the instrument of pleasure must be washed with warm soapy water before and after use;
  • cleansing enema, which guarantees the purity of the upcoming actions;
  • Condom use.

These measures will prevent the possible negative effects of games with butt plug. Introducing the item must be carefully and gently, without any special effort. It is advisable to apply foreplay to soften the entrance inside. Be sure to use a lubricant, otherwise you may get a slight injury.

While entering a traffic jam, you need to monitor the reaction of your partner or your partner, and adjust the actions for the situation. To protect your partner from the unpleasant consequences it is unacceptable to use a cork, penetrating into the vagina after it was applied for its intended purpose. The microclimate of the genital organs and intestines of a woman is very different and even conflicts with each other. Therefore, before each application, an accessory must be prepared. Follow the rules, fantasize and get a range of exquisite pleasures with anal plugs!