Extreme Sex Toys for Men

There are many amazing sex toys for men. Some are very popular and well-known, such as cock rings, dildos or butt plugs. There are also some lesser-known sex toy types that are popular among niche users who appreciate all the unique sensations these toys can bring. These sex toys, such as ball stretchers and urethral toys may not be popular among general population but have many fans all over the world.

On the other hand, there are some lesser-known yet very intense sex toys. These extreme sex toys for men may fall into the above categories or combine several toy types into a single composite toy. What makes these toys special is their intensity. These are reserved only for the most advanced users who crave intensity or pain.

Here are some great extreme sex toys for men you can try if you are into intense sensations:


Leather Black Stallion Guard is an impressive cage device made for both comfort and intensity. This is a great sex toy for those who want to enjoy male chastity games and who want to keep their slave all locked up without causing pain or discomfort. This male chastity device has a special leather ring made to go around the base of the penis and testicles to ensure a tight yet comfortable experience. The best thing about this toy is that there are two sizes of cages you can attach to your Black Stallion Guard, so it will match most users. Choose between a smaller, one ring cage that is about 4 inches long or a bigger, two ring cage that is about 5 inches long. Choosing an appropriate cage ensures the best comfort and the most arousing experience. This is a great cage for those who wish to practice male chastity without pain or discomfort.


CB-6000S Male Chastity Device is another great option for those who wish to practice male chastity without discomfort or pain. At the same time, this is an elaborate device specially designed to provide the most effective experience. It means that there is no escaping from this cage until your partner sets you free! This ultimate male chastity device is made to provide the best comfort coupled with the best experience and safety. There are numerous parts of this device to use and to adjust the toy for your needs. Keep in mind that it is vital to have a chastity device that fits you perfectly. This chastity kit includes a penis chastity cage with numerous additions. There are 5 rings of varying sizes so you can choose the one that suits you best. The kit also includes 4 locking pins and 4 spacers for adjusting the lock and making the most effective cage possible. There are also 5 individually numbered plastic locks for your use, as well as a brass padlock and a zippered storage bag for your chastity device. This kit also includes a tube of System Jo Premium Silicone Lube for your comfort and the smoothest experience imaginable. This is a fantastic chastity device system that all fans of male chastity need to try at least once.


Extreme Vice Grip is a powerful urethral toy made for extreme sensations. This is an advanced sex toy that should be used only if you wish to experience pain or if you are into BDSM games. This toy comes with special bars for stretching your urethral opening as wide as you want. The stretching is done suddenly using the stretching poles inserted into the urethra and adjusted with the wing nuts. This makes for powerful and sudden stretching experience. It is a very intense and painful experience, so you need to like this kind of sensation if you wish to try this toy. Keep in mind that this toy is not made for training your urethra. You need to use regular stretchers and trainers for that. These trainers are made to stretch your urethra slowly and gradually, without pain and discomfort. This is not what Extreme Vice Grip does. This toy is made for painful pleasures and extreme stretching. Keep this in mind if you wish to use this powerful toy.


Ultimate Vice Grip is a powerful device specially designed to take pain and pleasure to a completely new level. It is similar to the Extreme Vice Grip (see above), and can provide very powerful sensations. This device is very intense, which is great for those who like pain and extreme sex toys. However, it is important to be careful since these toys should be used only with care and knowledge. That being said, the Extreme Vice Grip can truly male you experience something new. This is a powerful urethral stretching toy made for those who like pain and crave the most intense sensations. It includes a powerful metal cock ring and strong urethral stretching bars that are about one inch long. These are made for truly testing your limits and endurance! Use the wing nuts on the side to determine how much you want to open your urethra. Go as wide as you can take! This extreme urethral toy can be used either when you are erect or flaccid. However, make sure be careful. This is an extreme urethral toy made for those who want to experience pain and intense stretching experience. This is not a substitute to regular stretching and training devices! If you wish to stretch and train your urethra in a regular, gradual way, you need to use proper stretchers that are designed to train your urethra slowly and without pain.


Deluxe Locking Anal Butt PlugDeluxe Locking Anal Butt Plug is an extreme anal toy made for those who appreciate intensity. This is one of the most elegant yet powerful butt plugs in our collection so if you are one of those people who like their anal toys to be big and intense, this is the right one for you. In so many ways, this is more than just a regular butt plug, even though it works amazingly as one. If you like metal anal plugs and the incredible feeling of being all filled up, you can bet that this great toy will provide all the right feelings for your most sensitive anal spots.

At the same time, this is more than a regular butt plug, and more than just a big butt plug. This toy is made for some serious stretching. It comes with a special stopper with a pin made for locking the toy in place. Simply insert the toy and stretch your anus as much as you or your partner wants. Lock it in place and let the fun begins! This butt plug starts from 1 inch in width and can be opened to amazing 3 inches for the most intense and extreme experience. This is one butt plug you will never forget after use!


Glans Ring with Threaded Screws is an extreme glans ring made for those who wish to take cock ring experience to a completely new level. Glans rings are generally made to enhance the feeling in the penis head and provide the most sensation for the glans of the penis. Unlike the regular cock rings that are worn around the base of the penis, the pressure point of a glans ring is moved higher on the penis. This results in a very hard and extra big penis head. While a glans ring can work as a regular cock ring in making the erections harder and more powerful, its main goal is to provide the best sensations for the penis head. The Glans Ring with Threaded Screws goes one step further and provides a much more intense experience. Instead of a smooth ring, this one has special screws inside for a truly extreme feeling. The screws will provide painful sensations and the most powerful experience imaginable, so this toy is reserved only for the users who appreciate painful pleasures, BDSM and CBT (cock and ball torture). The screws are adjustable so you can experience different levels of pain.


Mike’s Spikes is a powerful sex toy that combines a penis cage with a powerful cock ring. It makes for an extreme experience so it is reserved only for those who like their toys to be extra powerful. This amazing toy will keep the man under lock and key, but there is more. The lock includes multiple spikes that provide very intense stimulation during use. You can tighten the toy with allen keys to make the spikes looser or to have them tighten around the penis. It makes for some extreme feelings so it is ideal for those who like painful pleasures. This is a very powerful toy reserved for those who are into BDSM and CBT (cock and ball torture). As such, they are very advanced toys that are made for users who appreciate these sensations and are not recommended for beginner users or those who don’t like pain. Keep this in mind before you try Mike’s Spikes or another powerful toy of this kind.


Anal Pipe Hook with Ball is a multi-functional sex toy made for those who like BDSM games and anal pleasure. This is a powerful device reserved for the most advanced users who crave intensity or even pain. Keep this in mind when choosing this toy – it is truly extreme and made only for those who like BDSM and other painful pleasures. This is a great device made for couples so it is best to be used with a partner. The hook with a ball can be inserted into the anus as deep as you want. The ball is big enough to truly make for an intense experience and to make you feel all filled up. It is strong, sturdy and provides a very powerful anal stimulation. The hook has a long body that is made to sit against the person’s back. The body of the hook is specially designed to support ropes that can be attached to the toy. The ropes open numerous opportunities for very intense and extreme activities. It works particularly great as a bondage device. This is one of the best anal toys for those who like extreme anal stimulation, bondage, painful pleasures and other kinky games.


Cock and Ball Shackle is a powerful toy with many functions. It can provide many different sensations so it is ideal for those who wish to try something new with the each use. It can be used as a powerful metal cock ring for making your erections super hard and your penis stronger. Or it can be used as a powerful bondage device ideal for BDSM games and painful pleasures. This toy is made to be locked around the base of the penis and balls so there is no escaping until your partner sets you free! It provides a very intense experience so it is made only for the most advanced users who appreciate extreme sensations.


Ultimate Male Lock Down System is a super-intense toy made for those who wish to take the experience to a completely new level. This is a multi-functional device that combines anal toys with a powerful CBT (cock and ball torture) device. If you like painful pleasures and extreme stimulation this is a perfect sex toy for your needs. This system includes a sturdy anal butt plug that will make you feel all filled up, but this is just the beginning. The toy also include a powerful ball crusher and cock clamp for a truly extreme experience. This is a toy made only for the most advanced users who crave pain and intensity, so keep this in mind if you wish to use this toy. The device can be locked up in place for a prolonged experience. This system is adjustable so you can choose the level of pain and pleasure you wish to experience. If you are looking for an intense, multi-functional sex toy this is the right choice!