7 Countries That Love and Buy Sex Toys the Most

Nowadays, it’s pretty common to see images of maps that describe what country likes to drink the most or has weight problems. And let’s be frank here — we all love these geographical breakdowns for many reasons. Whether it’s to feel proud of fellow countrymen or to judge them even more, it doesn’t matter.


However, what about our love for sex toys? Well, that’s why we’re here. In the following, we’ll talk about seven countries with the most sex toy affection. Let’s check them out.

1. Denmark

According to the information that we were able to get, the country of Denmark is the first in line when it comes to butt plugs, cock rings, dildos, and vibrators. This Nordic country loves adult gadgets, and its citizens are the likeliest to search the internet for the best products available.


However, the stats we have don’t show whether they just browse for toys or they purchase them to spice up their sex lives. Either way, 118 out of 1,000 Danes use the internet to look up sex toys. That’s a pretty high number — right? It means that more than one out of ten people in Denmark is up to no good in the bedroom.


But if you think about it, it’s also not that big of a surprise. Scandinavia, which Denmark is a part of, is probably the most liberal and open-minded part of Europe. Their society is pretty inclusive and doesn’t judge people based on their kinks and fetishes.


2. Sweden

The second place goes to Denmark’s neighbor — Sweden. Rivals throughout history, these two countries seem to have more in common than they would like to admit. They’re both in love with adult gadgets, and more than 100 out of 1,000 of their internet users search for sex toys while online. In particular, 115 Swedes.


But how so? Why are they all about sex toys and gadgets? Well, again, it’s a cultural thing over there. Both nations are open about all kinds of things, let alone sex. Unlike in some places, women, gays, and lesbians don’t get punished for being different. 


On the other hand, these statistics might suggest something else, too. Swedes want to uplift their sex lives and are bored with the same old, same old. And that’s a good thing. There comes a time when vanilla stuff isn’t interesting anymore, so people search for alternatives, and sex toys are the first stop on that journey.

  3. Greenland

Interestingly enough, North America’s first appearance on this list goes to Greenland. Although most people don’t know much about this beautiful country, its citizens are really into sex toys, we’d say. The reason is simple — 108 out of 1,000 Greenlanders use their phones, laptops, and PCs to search for toys that would improve their sex lives.


These numbers are astonishing, considering how many of them there are. Namely, for a country of just over 56,000 people, these statistics suggest that every other house either has a dildo or is looking to get one. Maybe it has something to do with the climate over there. We don’t know. Nevertheless, it’s freakin’ awesome.

  4. United States

For a country that likes to brag about being the best in anything and everything, fourth place is pretty low for the United States. Nevertheless, 104 out of 1,000 Americans are using the internet to browse for sex toys and eventually purchase them. That’s not bad in any way, especially if you consider there are almost 330 million U.S. citizens today.


The reason for the United States being in the top countries that love sex toys is pretty simple in our eyes. The land of the free and the home of the brave is pretty much where most premium adult content is made. From sex toys to porn movies, Americans enjoy all things kinky, horny, and adult-oriented. Still, they could do with a place or two higher up this list.

  5. United Kingdom

At least America did one thing right. They’re in front of the Brits. Joking aside, the United Kingdom loves to be kinky. Sure, they’re weird in their own right, but you can’t say they lack good ideas in the bedroom. Namely, 96 internet users out of 1,000 over there are on the prowl for anal beads, vibrators, and chastity devices. Not bad at all.


Considering how posh and stiff-upper-lip Brits can be, it’s no wonder why so many of them like to get freaky when it comes to sex. Most outside the United Kingdom think of them as snobs who imagine themselves better than the rest, but that’s not true. Common people are just like everyone else, and they do love their sex.


Just look up Netflix’s “Sex Education” series, and you’ll understand what we’re on about. Although it’s fictional, and it’s set in Wales (part of the United Kingdom), the characters are all over sex toys and experimenting in bed.

  6. Russia

Due to constant tensions between the West and Russia, regular Joes might think of Russians as cold and gloomy people. However, the reality is something else entirely. Our stats suggest that 87 per 1,000 people in Mother Russia surf the internet for sex toys. And if you consider how many people live there — almost 150 million — the numbers are superb.


So, are babushkas and gopniks really into hands-free vibrators, male masturbators, and vibrating cock rings that much? If we were to think of a reason why they love sex toys so much over there, well, we’d have to assume it gets lonely in winter. What else would you do than masturbate?

  7. Italy

The last on our list of countries that love sex toys is Italy. This isn’t a surprise, considering how romantic and horny they are. Nevertheless, they’re inches behind Russia, with 84 searches per 1,000 being related to adult toys and accessories. You could say Europe beats everyone else, with five out of seven nations on this list being from the old, kinky continent.


Interestingly enough, during COVID-19 quarantine, the Italians were among the first when it came to ordering sex toys online. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why they made our list. But aside from a global pandemic, we’re sure they wouldn’t be that far off, knowing how much they love sex.