4 Ways to Orgasm with Vibrators

It is supposed that the vibrator was created at the end of the nineteenth century to treat hysteria, a problem caused by the accumulation of sexual tension. It is not known whether or not this treatment has been successful, but it is clear that the vibrator has become, over time, a sex toy very fond of women. But sex shop representatives warn us that the wide variety of styles, sizes, and fabrics of vibrators discourage some women and do not know how to choose the “toy” correctly. Below are a few useful tips for choosing in between anal vibrator vs normal vibrator correctly:

Think about what you are using

The most important criterion in choosing a vibrator is the area you want to stimulate. False-shaped vibrators are suitable for vaginal penetration but can also produce pleasure outside the vagina and stimulate the clitoris if they have a very strong vibration. For this type of pleasure, the latest generation or dual-action vibrators are also very good. If you want a toy to use for anal penetration, you need a funnel-shaped vibrator to prevent it from slipping in completely. Most importantly, there are special vibrators in the stores for anal stimulation.

The power of vibrations is very important

If you’re used to masturbating, but you’ve never used a sex toy, try buying a vibrator with a lower speed and vibration adjustable vibration. But if you have a stronger and a bit brutal way to masturbate, you can choose a sex toy with stronger vibrations that can easily bring you ecstasy.

Size matters

The shape and size of a vibrator are very important if you are not yet used to such toys. If you appreciate your discretion, you can buy a small vibrator that you can take with you on trips. Do not forget that there are sorts of vibrators in different stores and sizes, and if the toy does not leave your bedroom, you can choose a larger one. But a bigger vibrator does not mean even greater pleasure, so think well what you want before you buy a sex toy.

Take into account the material from which it is made

Another important aspect when you want to buy a vibrator is the material from which it is made. Soft rubber or silicone sex toys are better for vaginal and anal penetration, while strong plastic vibrators are perfect for clitoral stimulation.

Do not forget about the budget

It is the most accessible and sought-after sex toy, the vibrator can come to cost a lot. The cheapest vibrators are the simple ones, with a normal shape and vibration not very strong. But there are also very expensive sex toys that have a strong vibration, dual action, battery operated and can also be controlled by remote controls.

Initially, the vibrator, this pleasure tool was created for medical purposes: for calming hysterical women. Today, this sex toy is customary in sex shops is the piece de resistance of many nights fire. Here’s what you need to know when you decide to cross the threshold of a sex shop.

How long to be

Even if the fantasies of sex toys manufacturers all possible, you still need to have realistic expectations of the instrument. Given that the average elongation vaginal intercourse is 14-16-18 inches, a vibrator too long, 18 centimeters is likely to turn into an unpleasant experience.

When you are at the first such purchase and you are not sure what size you would like, then it is better to start with a smaller vibrator than a larger one. When you are in a sex shop you do not have to be embarrassed to keep it in your hand until you become accustomed to the size.

For practical purposes

Another important criterion in choosing this sex toy is what area you want to stimulate. Do you want to use it for the relaxation of your clitoris or for vaginal or even anal penetration?

From this point of view, phallic vibrators are best suited for vaginal penetration while Jumping Rabbit or Pearl Stimulator double vibrators stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris so that you do not have to choose between the sensations.

The power of vibrations

If you have not used it before, it’s a good idea to start out with a vibrator at speeds and you’ll discover the intensity that’s best suited for you. Electric vibrators are the most powerful. If you want to use an anal sex toys, then you should choose a specially designed for such sexual practices. After the budget

Even if it turned out to be the favorite toy of many couples, there is the possibility that in your case, the vibrator is not such an inspirational purchase. So at first, when you are in the process of exploration, do not throw yourself at a very expensive vibrator.

And the shape matters

When it comes to shape, you have a variety of models from the most banal to the most eccentric. It is important to choose the one who inspires you and tries you to try erotic imagination.

The vibrator in the contemporary

Nowadays vibrators enjoy incredible success. Any modern woman has or should not have a trusted vibrator at home! Especially because it turned out that the vibrator leads you faster to orgasm and it’s a much more intense orgasm than the one you give it by manual stimulation. Moreover, specialists in sexual therapy recommend vibrators and ladies and ladies who fail to reach climax for another time – either through sexual intercourse with a partner or personal stimulation. And last but not least, you have to keep in mind that the vibrator is, without a doubt, the perfect prelude to a hot sex party!

If you’ve decided to buy a vibrator, these are found in sex shop and not only; come in shapes, colors and flavors! Some vibrators require batteries, others feed from the outlet; some are simple, others provide exclusive clitoral, vaginal or anal stimulation. It is certain that regardless of your preferences, you find the right vibrator for you!

How to choose the right vibrator

When deciding to buy a vibrator, you need to keep in mind a few criteria that make the difference. You may not like any type of vibrator; you may be allergic, for example, to a particular vibrator, just because you are allergic to the material from which it is made. So, here are some of the criteria you need to keep in mind when choosing a vibrator.

  • The material from which the vibrator is made
  • On the market you will find vibrators made of three types of materials: plastic, silicone and gel.

Better said, these are the most common and most affordable. No one says that you cannot make arrogance, if you can, and buy a luxury vibrator of glass, steel or even gold, why not! If you are at your first vibrator, however, sexologists recommend one made of silicone or possibly plastic. These are the easiest to clean and use! As far as design choice is concerned, everything is subjective here. Choose what you like, what it looks like, because you’re not sleeping with a guy that does not seem appealing to you!