Can Sex Toys Improve Your Sex Life?


Often thought of as a solo activity, the use of sex toys by couples can improve their sexual relationship. Using a sex toy is a fun way to spice up your relationship whilst boosting a couple’s intimacy. The benefits of using a sex toy are numerous, including keeping your Kegel muscles toned and your libido charged.

Why should I use a sex toy?

The benefits of using a sex toy are huge. Having great sex can promote health and well being by improving your mood and physically making you feel good. Using a sex toy can spice up a flagging sex life and bring a bit of fun into your life. A sex toy will make you feel great as well as promoting your circulation and the release of the “feel good factors” during an orgasm. It can also increase the tone and elasticity of the vaginal walls and promote the release of vaginal secretions which can decline as we get older, as a result of ill health or side effects of medication.

Male sex toys can help improve or boost erectile function by offering different sexual stimulation, not possible during penetrative sex.

Sex is not just about having sexual intercourse which is only one way to have fulfilling sex. Using a sex toy can bring great pleasure to both of you if penetration is not possible. Many couples are unable to have sex due to physical or emotional problems so using a sex toy may help.

Glass and metals sex toys are a great way to enjoy temperature play as they can be heated gently in warm water or cooled in the fridge (not the freezer or boiling water) for a completely different sexual sensation that many people love.

Will it ruin my normal sex life?

When used with your partner, sex toys provide couples with the opportunity to fully express themselves sexually and increase their sexual pleasure, especially when using them to stimulate their partner.

Couples can use sex toys to boost their sexual satisfaction, introduce variety into a relationship which may have become boring and make sex fun. Having sex with the same person for many years can become a bit stale but a sex toy can help to make sexual intercourse more fun, pleasurable and exciting.

They are also a great way to discover how to enjoy an orgasm or new ways to orgams during sex especially if you struggle to orgasm during penetrative sex.

Becoming aroused with the help of a sex toy is no different to any other way and may increase your pleasure. Your partner may prefer to use a sex toy to arouse you to avoid an aching hand if it takes a while, esepcially as you get older.

I want to but I’m too embarrassed

Since the famous rabbit vibrator was mentioned on “Sex and the City” it has become acceptable to own sex toys. According to recent statistics, nearly 60% of women own a sex toy and 75% of those who do are married. You may be surprised at how many of your friends own a toy: it is normally the quiet ones!

Men can enjoy the fun with their sex toys too.

My partner isn’t keen on the idea

If your partner isn’t keen on you using a sex toy, use it on your own or try to encourage them that using a sex toy is not replacing them but improving what you already share. It can increase trust and closeness between you and your partner. You may also find your inner sex kitten which many partners will love.

I don’t want to scare my partner

Some men feel that they won’t match up to what a sex toy can do and they may be replaced by a vibrator. This couldn’t be more wrong. A third of Brits admitted to using sex toys to improve their sex life. Using sex toys together enhances sexual pleasure for both people involved.

You don’t need to buy the biggest vibrator available. Bigger is not necessarily better, it is the power of the vibrations and where and how you want to use it that matters. Also, you don’t want to frighten your partner away. Many vibrator virgins buy a smaller toy to begin with and graduate to a larger one, according to their needs.

We always recommend using a skin safe pH balanced sexual lubricant with all our sex toys to enhance your pleasure. Silicone lubricants are not recommended for use with silicone sex toys but are ideal to use with glass, metal or ABS plastic.

There is no single sex toy which is right for everyone. We all have differing sexual needs and experimenting with a variety of products will enable you to find the perfect toys for you. There are many sex toys available for both sexes which provide enormous pleasure. If you have a bad experience with one toy, don’t give up: try something else. You may find that once you have persuaded your partner to try a sex toy, they will be hooked and will want to try more so don’t be afraid to use one.

I feel uncomfortable buying one from a shop

With the advent of the internet it has never been easier to buy sex toys. Ensure that you buy from a reputable retailer who has an email address, telephone number and contact address details on their website.

Be wary of very cheap products, there are many fake and used sex toys being sold online which are harmful to your sexual health and pleasure.

When buying a product that’s going to be in contact with your genitals, it’s really important to ensure that it is skin safe. Materials such as rubber and jelly can be harmful as they are porous, making them difficult to clean. This means that bacteria can linger on the product and could give you thrush. They also contain phthalates, a substance banned from children’s toys because it is harmful to health.

As a sex toy company that onlys sells skin safe sex toys, we always advise you choose skin safe sex toys to protect your sexual health and pleasure.Silicone, metal and glass sex toys are all safe to use as they are non-porous, making for easy cleaning.

You need to make sure that your details are not passed on to third parties or that you will not be swamped with unwanted emails or catalogues. A reputable company will not do this.

You can also find adverts selling luxury sex toys in the classified section of some magazines if you are not internet savvy.

Reputable suppliers are discreet and will dispatch your product in plain packaging and some ask for a signature to ensure it has been delivered to the right person.

By incorporating a sex toy into your sex life, be it for solo or couples play you will discover just how it will enhance your pleasure and promote good sexual health. Once you start, you may end up with a cupboard/drawer full of gorgeous sex toys for every sexual need and desire!…

Sex and Intimacy: Sex Toys for Older Couples

Women over 50 often experience more trouble having an orgasm than they did when they were younger. The culprit: lower blood flow to the genitals, combined with diminished production of both testosterone and estrogen. The result: More time is required to climax — or orgasm may not occur at all.

Women and their partners can overcome these changes by getting creative.

Vibrators and other gadgets, once viewed as appropriate for solo use only, can dynamically improve a couple’s sex play, helping both partners achieve the elusive “Big O.”

That statement may be news to a minority of readers: A survey conducted by the authors of The Normal Bar (I’m one!) this year found that more than 50 percent of respondents over the age of 50 use sex toys individually or as a couple. The others, I suspect, aren’t using them simply because they don’t know which ones to try. To fill that knowledge gap (and a few others), here’s my decidedly non-prim primer on sex toys:

Good vibrations

Various iterations of the vibrator, now available in battery-powered or plugged-in models, have been around since the late 19th century. By directly stimulating the nerves, the device helps activate those that are not responding to the usual methods of arousal. Vibrators come in various shapes and sizes — some lifelike. Many models feature adjustable speeds of vibration, a crucial feature for skin that may have become supersensitive over the years.

The most famous vibrator is the rabbit, which has been selling briskly ever since Charlotte became addicted to a combination vaginal-clitoral stimulator by that name in Episode 9, Season 1 of Sex and the City in 1998. (The clitoral-stimulator portion resembles a pair of bunny ears.)

Other popular vibes are the pocket rocket — made for external use, it’s four inches long and easy to tuck in a purse — and the G-spot stimulator, a dildo or vibrator that curves up at the end to reach the nerve-rich G-spot on the roof of the vagina. Additionally, there are buzzing and nonbuzzing dildos — penis-shaped objects that can be inserted inside a woman’s vagina. Used with a lubricant, these can supplement intercourse, especially if a male partner has inconsistent erections.

Put a ring on it

Let’s say you’re a guy and you want to get into the spirit of things; would you consider a penis ring? These are becoming less exotic than they sound; they’re often shelved near the condoms in a pharmacy.

The ring has a gently expanding band that fits around the base of the penis; a small button activates a vibrator on the ring, positioned to massage the woman’s clitoral area during intercourse. So-called “two-headed” versions of the penis ring stimulate both partners simultaneously — sending more blood flowing to the penis.

Another toy popular with older guys is the C ring; it fits around both the penis and the scrotum, and is donned before an erection to boost the quality and duration thereof. The C ring must be removed after orgasm, lest it cut off circulation and cause serious problems.

These gadgets take the pressure off performance. They may also strengthen your relationship: Research shows that trying something new often brings a couple closer together. And did I mention they are fun? The remote-control vibrator, for example, is tailor-made for couples with a sense of humor: The vibrator is sewn into panties and, when activated by remote control, sends quiet vibrations across the clitoral area. A surefire antidote for even the most deadly-dull dinner party!

Shop smart

Whew, that’s a lot of toyful terrain to cover!

For more advice, seek online help from one of the more reputable sites, discreet and well-trained personnel are on hand to explain device features; their counsel may keep you from making a mistake — important, given that the better toys tend to be costly.

And, as you might imagine, all are nonreturnable!…

18 More of the World’s Most Disturbing Sex Toys

We previously chronicled how in the Internet age, the whole sex toy thing has gotten completely, terrifyingly out of hand.

Well, there’s a whole new generation of devices that will get your blood pumping for all the wrong reasons. So have your nightmares welcome their new guests…

The Plow

Admit it, every time you visit your local sex store you look up and down the aisles and are secretly ashamed and disgusted that there’s not a single toy that can also double as some kind of medieval siege weapon.

Lucky for you, some perverse engineers thought the same thing and nipped that problem in the bud. As with all of the devices on this list, we’ll leave it to your imagination as to what the thing looks like in use.

Sexy Sadist Cock Ring

Ah, from medieval weapon to medieval torture device. If you’re into that sort of thing, or if you’re conducting your own inquisition, then this tiny Iron Maiden for a schlong may be right up your alley.

For those of us who prefer not to have metal spikes jammed in our units, it probably keeps a mean grip on hot dogs when you’re cooking over an open fire.

Disposable Canned Vagina

It’s a sign of our throwaway society that people can’t even be bothered to use reusable canned vaginas anymore, but the convenience of a Pepsi sized tube of greased up, squishy polymers just can’t be beat. We’re guessing on every corner in Japan they’ve got these in vending machines.

Teddy Bear Vibe

Two things that any good sex toy should have are the ability to both scratch those super hard-to-reach places and the ability to warp the mind of a child should they ever stumble upon it by accident. This nightmarishly well-endowed bear accomplishes both rather nicely. We wonder if they ever made a tie-in cartoon starring this little guy.

Goo Gobblin’ Granny

It’s a little known fact that not all sex dolls are made for personal enjoyment. Some, like this sagging septuagenarian doll, are just made to haunt the recesses of your psyche for all time. And force you to buy denture cleaner.

Fearsome Fingers

It’s pretty much a given that intimacy can’t be achieved very well without making use of the sense of touch. On the other hand, you’d figure it’s a given that you shouldn’t be trying to get intimate while wearing a poor man’s Freddy Krueger hand accessory on each finger, but not everyone rolls the same way. So cram these on your fingers and get the Emergency Room on speed dial.

The Drippy Dragon

It’s sad that looking at a selection of dildos modeled after animals and mythical beasts is barely shocking in this day and age. But, thankfully, we have innovative devices like the Drippy Dragon to keep us on our toes.

This dildo, modeled somehow after a dragon wang, actually shoots jets of spooge for all those situations in which you need something like that to happen.

Enema Piss Rubber Pants

So you’re in a bit of a pickle. That special someone is coming over but you’re afraid your sex life is getting boring. What’s the best way to combine as many godawful fetishes into one place, preferably a pair of pants, as quickly and efficiently as possible? Here’s your answer.

Waiting for us to explain how it works? Figure it out. We’re done thinking about it.

Zeus Electric Urethral Sound Kit

You know how mattresses have that tag on them warning you not to remove it, and it’s hard to figure out what could be so bad if you removed the tag, but almost nobody ever removes it anyway, just because something awful might happen? If someone wrote on that tag that you should never stick an electrified metal rod in your wang, this product might never have been invented.

Extreme Ass Spreader

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone’s sex life is the day you wake up and realize your sexuality in no way reflects anything you’ve witnessed in the Hellraiser series of films. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Thanks, Extreme Ass Spreader!

The Cannon

Ah, again we learn why you don’t ask the Internet a question you don’t want to know the answer to.

Is that a radiation symbol on the side?

Strict Leather Dildo Face Harness

Well, might as well get the dildos out of the way now.

The thing is, every kind of sex has disadvantages, where you can’t reach certain things or perform certain actions, or one partner gets left out of the pleasure. This product seems to perfectly combine all of those downsides into one device.

And are we crazy or is it physically impossible to breathe with that thing on?


Oh, look. It’s a Drilldo.

So… we’re not experts on this sort of thing but do people build up like, a tolerance to vibrators? To the point that they need them to vibrate way, way more than even the most powerful internal motor can drive it? To the point that in order to feel anything, you need an industrial power tool spinning your marital aid at several hundred RPMs and creating enough friction to spark spontaneous vaginal combustion in the process?

Universal Water Works System

Aaaaand here’s a way to put out the aforementioned vagina-fire.

This actually looks like a fairly standard piece of high-quality plumbing equipment you’d find at the hardware store, until you look closely at the largest black attachment. Then you realize this is for, as the site says, “intimate water play.”

For extra fun, try to picture how the other attachments are used.

The Post Master

Remember how, as a teenager, you’d try to dupe members of the opposite sex into a game of Twister in the hopes of one day maybe touching some boob “by accident”? This is what happens when that mischievous childhood memory is taken to Hollywood and gang fucked by men in masks.

Pogo Stick for 2

If the Post Master up there didn’t look quite dangerous enough, why not take those same mounted dildos and put them on a spring? And then jump up and down with it inside you? Why, they even added an attachment for a friend so you can stare into each other’s eyes as you both come to the realization you’re suffering massive genital trauma that you’ll likely never recover from.

Darlex Straight Jacket

Remember all those times you had sex and thought something was missing? If that something involved being suspended by your ankles in a full-body rubber straight jacket, your life is about to get a whole lot better. If not, things are probably about to get worse.

Masturbator Vee-String

This gruesome looking thing may or may not be designed to make the average man look as though his crotch is being attacked by an afro’d manta ray. It’s hard to say, really.

Extreme Sex Toys for Men

There are many amazing sex toys for men. Some are very popular and well-known, such as cock rings, dildos or butt plugs. There are also some lesser-known sex toy types that are popular among niche users who appreciate all the unique sensations these toys can bring. These sex toys, such as ball stretchers and urethral toys may not be popular among general population but have many fans all over the world.

On the other hand, there are some lesser-known yet very intense sex toys. These extreme sex toys for men may fall into the above categories or combine several toy types into a single composite toy. What makes these toys special is their intensity. These are reserved only for the most advanced users who crave intensity or pain.

Here are some great extreme sex toys for men you can try if you are into intense sensations:


Leather Black Stallion Guard is an impressive cage device made for both comfort and intensity. This is a great sex toy for those who want to enjoy male chastity games and who want to keep their slave all locked up without causing pain or discomfort. This male chastity device has a special leather ring made to go around the base of the penis and testicles to ensure a tight yet comfortable experience. The best thing about this toy is that there are two sizes of cages you can attach to your Black Stallion Guard, so it will match most users. Choose between a smaller, one ring cage that is about 4 inches long or a bigger, two ring cage that is about 5 inches long. Choosing an appropriate cage ensures the best comfort and the most arousing experience. This is a great cage for those who wish to practice male chastity without pain or discomfort.


CB-6000S Male Chastity Device is another great option for those who wish to practice male chastity without discomfort or pain. At the same time, this is an elaborate device specially designed to provide the most effective experience. It means that there is no escaping from this cage until your partner sets you free! This ultimate male chastity device is made to provide the best comfort coupled with the best experience and safety. There are numerous parts of this device to use and to adjust the toy for your needs. Keep in mind that it is vital to have a chastity device that fits you perfectly. This chastity kit includes a penis chastity cage with numerous additions. There are 5 rings of varying sizes so you can choose the one that suits you best. The kit also includes 4 locking pins and 4 spacers for adjusting the lock and making the most effective cage possible. There are also 5 individually numbered plastic locks for your use, as well as a brass padlock and a zippered storage bag for your chastity device. This kit also includes a tube of System Jo Premium Silicone Lube for your comfort and the smoothest experience imaginable. This is a fantastic chastity device system that all fans of male chastity need to try at least once.


Extreme Vice Grip is a powerful urethral toy made for extreme sensations. This is an advanced sex toy that should be used only if you wish to experience pain or if you are into BDSM games. This toy comes with special bars for stretching your urethral opening as wide as you want. The stretching is done suddenly using the stretching poles inserted into the urethra and adjusted with the wing nuts. This makes for powerful and sudden stretching experience. It is a very intense and painful experience, so you need to like this kind of sensation if you wish to try this toy. Keep in mind that this toy is not made for training your urethra. You need to use regular stretchers and trainers for that. These trainers are made to stretch your urethra slowly and gradually, without pain and discomfort. This is not what Extreme Vice Grip does. This toy is made for painful pleasures and extreme stretching. Keep this in mind if you wish to use this powerful toy.


Ultimate Vice Grip is a powerful device specially designed to take pain and pleasure to a completely new level. It is similar to the Extreme Vice Grip (see above), and can provide very powerful sensations. This device is very intense, which is great for those who like pain and extreme sex toys. However, it is important to be careful since these toys should be used only with care and knowledge. That being said, the Extreme Vice Grip can truly male you experience something new. This is a powerful urethral stretching toy made for those who like pain and crave the most intense sensations. It includes a powerful metal cock ring and strong urethral stretching bars that are about one inch long. These are made for truly testing your limits and endurance! Use the wing nuts on the side to determine how much you want to open your urethra. Go as wide as you can take! This extreme urethral toy can be used either when you are erect or flaccid. However, make sure be careful. This is an extreme urethral toy made for those who want to experience pain and intense stretching experience. This is not a substitute to regular stretching and training devices! If you wish to stretch and train your urethra in a regular, gradual way, you need to use proper stretchers that are designed to train your urethra slowly and without pain.


Deluxe Locking Anal Butt PlugDeluxe Locking Anal Butt Plug is an extreme anal toy made for those who appreciate intensity. This is one of the most elegant yet powerful butt plugs in our collection so if you are one of those people who like their anal toys to be big and intense, this is the right one for you. In so many ways, this is more than just a regular butt plug, even though it works amazingly as one. If you like metal anal plugs and the incredible feeling of being all filled up, you can bet that this great toy will provide all the right feelings for your most sensitive anal spots.

At the same time, this is more than a regular butt plug, and more than just a big butt plug. This toy is made for some serious stretching. It comes with a special stopper with a pin made for locking the toy in place. Simply insert the toy and stretch your anus as much as you or your partner wants. Lock it in place and let the fun begins! This butt plug starts from 1 inch in width and can be opened to amazing 3 inches for the most intense and extreme experience. This is one butt plug you will never forget after use!


Glans Ring with Threaded Screws is an extreme glans ring made for those who wish to take cock ring experience to a completely new level. Glans rings are generally made to enhance the feeling in the penis head and provide the most sensation for the glans of the penis. Unlike the regular cock rings that are worn around the base of the penis, the pressure point of a glans ring is moved higher on the penis. This results in a very hard and extra big penis head. While a glans ring can work as a regular cock ring in making the erections harder and more powerful, its main goal is to provide the best sensations for the penis head. The Glans Ring with Threaded Screws goes one step further and provides a much more intense experience. Instead of a smooth ring, this one has special screws inside for a truly extreme feeling. The screws will provide painful sensations and the most powerful experience imaginable, so this toy is reserved only for the users who appreciate painful pleasures, BDSM and CBT (cock and ball torture). The screws are adjustable so you can experience different levels of pain.


Mike’s Spikes is a powerful sex toy that combines a penis cage with a powerful cock ring. It makes for an extreme experience so it is reserved only for those who like their toys to be extra powerful. This amazing toy will keep the man under lock and key, but there is more. The lock includes multiple spikes that provide very intense stimulation during use. You can tighten the toy with allen keys to make the spikes looser or to have them tighten around the penis. It makes for some extreme feelings so it is ideal for those who like painful pleasures. This is a very powerful toy reserved for those who are into BDSM and CBT (cock and ball torture). As such, they are very advanced toys that are made for users who appreciate these sensations and are not recommended for beginner users or those who don’t like pain. Keep this in mind before you try Mike’s Spikes or another powerful toy of this kind.


Anal Pipe Hook with Ball is a multi-functional sex toy made for those who like BDSM games and anal pleasure. This is a powerful device reserved for the most advanced users who crave intensity or even pain. Keep this in mind when choosing this toy – it is truly extreme and made only for those who like BDSM and other painful pleasures. This is a great device made for couples so it is best to be used with a partner. The hook with a ball can be inserted into the anus as deep as you want. The ball is big enough to truly make for an intense experience and to make you feel all filled up. It is strong, sturdy and provides a very powerful anal stimulation. The hook has a long body that is made to sit against the person’s back. The body of the hook is specially designed to support ropes that can be attached to the toy. The ropes open numerous opportunities for very intense and extreme activities. It works particularly great as a bondage device. This is one of the best anal toys for those who like extreme anal stimulation, bondage, painful pleasures and other kinky games.


Cock and Ball Shackle is a powerful toy with many functions. It can provide many different sensations so it is ideal for those who wish to try something new with the each use. It can be used as a powerful metal cock ring for making your erections super hard and your penis stronger. Or it can be used as a powerful bondage device ideal for BDSM games and painful pleasures. This toy is made to be locked around the base of the penis and balls so there is no escaping until your partner sets you free! It provides a very intense experience so it is made only for the most advanced users who appreciate extreme sensations.


Ultimate Male Lock Down System is a super-intense toy made for those who wish to take the experience to a completely new level. This is a multi-functional device that combines anal toys with a powerful CBT (cock and ball torture) device. If you like painful pleasures and extreme stimulation this is a perfect sex toy for your needs. This system includes a sturdy anal butt plug that will make you feel all filled up, but this is just the beginning. The toy also include a powerful ball crusher and cock clamp for a truly extreme experience. This is a toy made only for the most advanced users who crave pain and intensity, so keep this in mind if you wish to use this toy. The device can be locked up in place for a prolonged experience. This system is adjustable so you …

10 Extreme Sex Toys And Devices That Will Make Your Eyes Bulge

In the land of sex, you name it, and it probably exists – everything from vanilla cuddling to things involving saddles, motor oil, and jumper cables.

And today we’re going to look at the latter end of the spectrum – extreme sex toys!

So, if you’ve barely held a vibrator, hold onto your seat and stomach; but if you’re a freaky veteran, pull out your notepad and get ready for some new ideas!


Sometimes labeled as speculums or retractors, these spreader toys are meant to open orifices to allow for easier insertion of sex toys, BDSM torture, fetish probing, or various kinds of medical role play.

Oh, and before you go thinking that you would never ever use something like this … think again.

Nearly all women with access to medical care know that lovely “duck-billed plastic tool” that the gynecologist sticks into us before scraping our insides with a giant Q-tip. Also, when men get older, you can bet your doctor will eventually use something like this in your butt.

Welcome to the club.


BT (aka Cock and Ball Torture) is fairly common in some BDSM circles – whether for pleasure, role play, or sub punishments etc.

This particular example has a removable ring that you put around the scrotum and slowly turn the handle to press the testicles in the metal chamber. There are other variations, including rings with spikes inside, flat panels that can press either the balls and/or the penis etc.

NOTE: Don’t confuse toys that compress vs ones that stretch.


While we’re on the topic of CBT, let’s look at the other example I just mentioned … stretchers.

This one is a simple ring and loops so you can add different weights, but others can be leather straps, molded silicone rings, or thin rings that you add one by one to build up to the stretch you want.

Ladies, the next time your man complains about your period cramps, make him wear one of these for the next 4-5 days.


If any of you suffer from bad back pain, your doctor might have prescribed or suggested an e-stim machine – which is basically a device that sends an electric current to sticky pads that you put on your body, which, in turn, make your muscles contract and release.

And, since we’ve already seen that most medical devices can be adapted for the sex toy industry … it should be a surprise to see e-stim clamps that can shock your lower lady lips.


Take the same ideas as the labia clamps, but adapt it to a male chastity belt (aka cock cage). This toy is different than many I’ve seen because it has voice control, patterns, power settings that go from 0 to 99, and a power box that lets you control two e-toys at once.

PERSONAL NOTE: My friend used her E-stim machine on my back … it was weird. Not bad… just weird, but I can see how some people might like it.


Compared to some of the toys we’ve looked at so far, a sex doll might seem rather tame. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see why it deserves a place in the list.

First, is the inner structure is made of an adjustable metal frame, which means you can bend your doll in all sort of positions. Second, the silicone skin is as close to skin-soft as you can get (while staying in the “affordable” range).

And third … the customization.

You can choose from dozens of faces, body types, skin colors, eye colors, hairstyles, makeup options, pubic hair styles, genital models, and more – and yes, they also have many boy-toy choices as well. There are also off-menu options – basically, anything you kink brain can come up with.

Why else is this such an extreme toy?  The price.

Even with sticking to a bare-bones model, plan to spend THOUSANDS of dollars


After all these toys, I bet you thought a dildo was going to be a nice break?

Well, forget it.

Because this elephant-sized anal dildo isn’t fucking around. It’s 14 inches long, with 13 insertable, and the largest bulb is over 5 inches in diameter. Granted, you’ll be able to find longer toys and wider ones, but this combines both worlds. Even the seller comments about “sitting on it and reaching your stomach”.

This is, to say the least, a challenging toy – even for anal stretching enthusiasts.


I just need five words to describe this toy…

Metal. Rod. Up. The. Dick.

Nope, this isn’t a joke (you’ve heard of a catheter after all).

However, while many of these stainless-steel rods are pencil-thin, this set has 16 different widths (with each rod being two different widths at each end). The biggest one comes in at a whopping 11.30 mm or .445 inches in diameter.

We might cringe at the idea, but you have to at least appreciate the variety vs affordable price tag.


For those of you who don’t know what a gimp mask is, it’s a mask worn to dehumanize a person, aid in sensory play, or simply hide someone’s face.

As far as BDSM accessories go, it’s not that hardcore … until you start getting into breath play or water sports.

What are water sports you ask?

Pee. You pee on people.

And this mask has a handy-dandy funnel that leads right to the mouth. There are also versions that have a “urinal” at the front.


This might not be a sex toy, but lube is a necessary addition to any sexual practice … and this one is available at your local grocery store or granny’s pantry.


How is it used?

Since the anal cavity doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, it’s important to use a lube that won’t dry up and is extra slippery. That’s why you see some products designated as “anal sex lube”. Some player’s, however, swear that Crisco shortening is some of the best stuff you can get your hands on. Just don’t put it in your vagina … unless you want an infection.


  • Medical-grade stainless steel is the best/only good material choice for many of these toys, next would be silicone
  • Make sure you clean all nooks and crannies carefully and thoroughly
  • Sanitize after each use, no exceptions
  • Make sure any locks and screws will hold in place firmly but still be easy to adjust
  • Sexual E-STIM play should never be done above the waist (it gets too close to the heart)
  • It also goes without saying that all extreme sex acts/toys shouldn’t be tried/used by beginners or the inexperienced

How Does Prostate Massage Work?

The prostate can be felt through the rectum. It lies about three to five centimeters inside the body, oriented towards the front of the abdomen. When feeling it is important that you proceed very carefully. Most men are not used to anal stimulation. Many associate it with a taboo and therefore cramp themselves when touched, which can lead to pain. A lubricant facilitates the feeling and the massage. But it is also important that you always consult, if the touch feels good and if you want to continue.

The prostate massage is often treated as the insider tip, and breathtaking orgasms are promised. Flat promises, how great the massage feels, are to be treated with caution. Because in the end the massage, like any sex technique, is a matter of personal preference. Some men find the feeling very intense and beautiful, others do not like it at all, others just do not find it so special. You just have to try it if you wonder.

There is no guarantee that the massage has a positive impact on your husband’s erection. There are men who enjoy anal stimulation with or without targeted prostate massage, but still lose their erections. In others, stimulation enhances erection. Still others do not notice anything. How your husband reacts depends on the type of erectile dysfunction. There are Prostate massage therapy for premature ejaculation as well.

Have you ever heard of a prostate massage? The prostate is either stimulated directly or indirectly and can give the man so an incredibly intense orgasm. If you would like to try this special practice with your partner, here you will find instructions for a successful prostate massage.

A massage of the prostate is sometimes performed for medical reasons (for example, during a prostate inflammation), but can also provide for sexual pleasure. Because the prostate is considered a “male G-spot” and can make your partner a great orgasm, without the penis is stimulated. She is very sensitive and swells with excitement. No matter whether homosexual or heterosexual: A lot of men are about to get such a massage, be it directly via the anus or indirectly, ie from the outside.

Preparation of prostate massage

With us you get a guide for the prostate massage. Maybe your partner has already told you that he’s getting his prostate stimulated or you just want to try it out together. There are two possibilities: First, the massage of the perineum, the area between the testicles and the anus, whereby the prostate is stimulated indirectly and externally. No specific preparation is needed. On the other hand, there is the direct prostate massage, in which you insert one or two fingers into the butt of your partner. Of course this is not something for everyone and of course no obligation during sex. Nevertheless, many men are on it, and a large number of women like to meet their partner’s desire. If you are sure that you also want to try it and have talked to your friend about it (and of course he wants it), there are only a few things to do:

Get a lot of lubes. To introduce something rectally, you should always have a tube ready (as a lubricant substitute, there are also home remedies).

You can use disposable gloves. Of course, the anus is not necessarily the germ-free area of the body – if it’s more comfortable for you, just wear a glove.

Short your fingernails. The butt is a sensitive region and long or sharp nails increase the risk of injury to the man.

Hygiene is important. Your partner should thoroughly clean his anal region before and of course, you should also wash your hands.

The right mood: For a prostate massage your sweetheart should be relaxed and excited because when excited, the prostate swells and is much easier to palpate.

Sex toys as an alternative. If you do not delude yourself with your fingers, you can instead use a dildo or vibrator to achieve that ultimate orgasm that you’ve been longing for. This may come completely new to you so have a read in this article, the ultimate guide to prostate orgasms.

  • Instructions: Direct prostate massage
  • Distribute enough lubricant on your finger and anus. You can take either the index or middle finger, later both.
  • Now slowly insert the finger into the anus until you are about 5 to 8 centimeters deep in it (the anatomy is different for every man).
  • Now bend your finger in the direction of the abdomen, i.e. forward.
  • Try to feel the prostate: it is about the size of a chestnut. Exercise slight pressure.
  • Ask your partner if you have got the right job and if it feels good.
  • If everything is fine, you can start with the prostate massage.

Possible massage techniques: You can perform circular or rubbing movements, lightly press the prostate with your finger, or, if you use two fingers, clasp and massage the prostate. Keep in mind that the stimulation does not work at the touch of a button and pay close attention to what pleases and does not please your sweetheart.

Direct prostate massage

A direct prostate massage can drive him crazy.

Instructions: Indirect prostate massage

External massage of the prostate is ideal if one of the partners or both are not prepared for anal insertion. It takes place over the dam, also called Pereneum. Here sits a large bundle of nerves, which also stimulates and can be satisfied. You can rub, scrub or stroke the area with your fingers, with more pressure than the direct prostate massage. Meanwhile, you can indulge the penis with a hand job or miss your partner a great blowjob with the other hand . After that, your sweetheart can reciprocate with you. Incidentally, the indirect prostate massage also works great with a vibrator during lovemaking!

Even women who are not available for anal sex in the form of anal intercourse, but you can often inspire at least for the anal massage. But you have to differentiate. In a broader sense, the anal massage, the after massage, is all about massaging the butt, ie anal stimulation with the finger, tongue or even a vibrator, purely from the outside, without penetration. In the narrower sense, however, it is the anal massagefor the targeted massage of the prostate of the man; which is why they call her prostate massage. Or Greek massage – as well as the anal sex is generally referred to as Greek sex. An anal massage in this sense is of course only possible if you penetrate with the finger or an object in the anus. In the BDSM context, the prostate massage is often used for so-called Forced Sucking, if the sub is kept chaste for a long time, so may not have a real orgasm, because while secretion can emerge without the man has a climax.…

Guide to Choosing the Right Anal Pleasure Tool for the Ultimate Orgasm

Butt plug – one of the most popular sex toys, thanks to a huge variety of choices. Depending on the size, shape and material, the cork can give not only pleasure, but also good training for the muscles, as well as carry a purely decorative function, for example, in an intimate prelude for a couple.

How to choose a butt plug

Traffic jams are so different that it is easy for a novice user to get lost in such a huge choice. Butt plugs can be either standard – cone-shaped, or curved, with wavy or ribbed walls. There is a separate category of plugs with vibration – with remote control or from the wire. There is also a decorative cork – with a beautiful design, with tails or something decorated. Perhaps, in a separate category you can take out durable corks for those who like to wear such toys under clothing.

All this diversity is aimed at ensuring that everyone can choose something for themselves according to their desires. This can be a game with a cork in private, a supplement during the sex of both partners, or a piquant feature in a love foreplay

First of all, you should pay attention to the size and material of the anal plug. Especially popular are soft silicone tubes made of silicone, which reduce the likelihood of damage to the walls of the anus to a minimum. Beginners are advised to opt for smooth cones in the form of cones – such toys perfectly stretch the muscles of the anus without strong painful sensations. As for size, it is worth starting with small traffic jams – no more than one or two fingers wide (1-2 cm). To stimulate the prostate for men, there are special curved anal plugs – from both hard material and softer material. Many recommend the LP prostate massager for its quality and better experience.

For completeness of sensations, you can do double stimulation of both genitals – a girl can experiment with a vibrator at the same time, for men, a sex shop can provide a good choice of products to stimulate the penis.

It is worth noting that when using anal plug, it is important to stock up on good anal lubricant. This is a category of lubricants that are specifically designed to minimize unpleasant and painful sensations due to the special composition, because in the anus (unlike the vagina) muscles do not stretch too quickly and easily, and no natural lubricant is released.

 Depending on the category, you can pick up the cork with or without vibration, the desired color and material. Butt plugs are made not only of silicone or plastic, but it can also be rubber, polyvinyl chloride and even glass.

The experienced sexologists will be happy to help you make your choice between anal beads vs butt plug. Their managers will be able to advise you on a suitable toy depending on your physiological characteristics and preferences.

Couples practicing anal sex, they know what a butt plug is. However, for the uninitiated, this can be an amazing discovery in the world of sexual pleasure. Butt plugs like many women, and nowadays a variety of surprises. In the sex shop there are traffic jams with various stones on the wide part and with a tail made of fur for role-playing. Different materials in which these stimulants are made can please any fantasy. Selecting the anal plug, it is worth considering a few points.

Using this accessory, you must follow the rules of hygiene. Treatment with a disinfectant solution before and after is necessary in order to avoid infections. You also need to take care of the lubricant. Silicone grease is ideal. This will make it easy to enter and remove, but feeling discomfort.

The size of the anal plugs is also great. You can pick up a small, with a slight limiter, which will not interfere with movement. But you can also choose a bigger size and longer. It is a variety of sensations. The limiter will not allow the tube to get inside completely. However, it is worth being careful in using this sex toy.

The cultural and sexual revolution has lifted many moral prohibitions and, among others, on naughty anal games. Today, the sex life of many couples is diversified by entertainment, where an essential role is assigned to various “toys” for anal sensations. The main accessory of the specified sexual leisure is the butt plug. This thing can achieve a visible change in attitudes towards sex and achieve the strongest orgasms of both partners. So what is this butt plug like that? To shed more light on that you can visit LovePlugs for more info about anal toys.


Accessory pleasure looks like a dildo in miniature. Their shape is different, often cone-shaped, but there may be fancy curved options. The surface of the cork is either smooth or convex. The base is expanded, which prevents complete penetration.

There are models equipped with pumps. These instances are able to significantly expand the range of sensations and cause the partner to get incredible pleasure.


Anal devices can be used by participants of sexual intercourse of both sexes. Many men enjoy the use of traffic jams and enthusiastically use them to bring their partner to ecstasy. In the aggregate, this brings her the greatest pleasure.

Using cork will be the first step towards anal sex. And, no matter how it sounds, the use of the accessory has a healing effect on men. The curved surface massages the prostate, which prevents the negative effects of stagnation. Walking with a cork inserted is very exciting and makes you want to continue “action-packed” entertainment in bed conditions.

The right choice and use

Beginners are encouraged to purchase latex plugs. Suppose also a silicone version of a small diameter. Soft material and small size will ensure painless penetration and, conditionally speaking, a gradual entry into the topic. More experienced and sophisticated lovers of exquisite sexual adventures choose the goods according to their readiness and demands. The market of intimate products is replete with a variety of models of anal plugs, so there is no shortage of choice.

For safe use of traffic jams, it is enough to adhere to certain rules:

  • Hygiene, the instrument of pleasure must be washed with warm soapy water before and after use;
  • cleansing enema, which guarantees the purity of the upcoming actions;
  • Condom use.

These measures will prevent the possible negative effects of games with butt plug. Introducing the item must be carefully and gently, without any special effort. It is advisable to apply foreplay to soften the entrance inside. Be sure to use a lubricant, otherwise you may get a slight injury.

While entering a traffic jam, you need to monitor the reaction of your partner or your partner, and adjust the actions for the situation. To protect your partner from the unpleasant consequences it is unacceptable to use a cork, penetrating into the vagina after it was applied for its intended purpose. The microclimate of the genital organs and intestines of a woman is very different and even conflicts with each other. Therefore, before each application, an accessory must be prepared. Follow the rules, fantasize and get a range of exquisite pleasures with anal plugs!…

Unique Ways on How to Use Anal Sex Tools

Sex, according to experts, is not even so much a pleasure, as a vital necessity, ensuring procreation and a long active life. But the characteristics of the organism and the state of health do not always make it possible to combine business with pleasure. To increase sexual activity and improve health, women are recommended different types of anal beads and to learn more how to use anal beads go to

Why do we need vaginal balls?

Is it necessary to use this means of increasing sexuality and recovery, each woman will decide independently, and for this you need to understand why vaginal balls are needed . The one who already uses those claims that sex with vaginal balls is more interesting and more exciting than usual. But do not think that they the usual toy for sex. Correctly they will be considered as a kind of simulator for the muscles of the vagina, and only then a way to have fun with intimate intimacy.

Vaginal balls – the benefits and harm

Before considering the usefulness or contraindications of using this product, you need to know how it looks and where it can be purchased. To begin with, it is impossible to buy it in pharmacies: the place of its sale is a sex shop. Balls are made from various materials; they have a flat or raised surface, different weights.

Balls for a vagina can be the different size, color; they are connected in pairs and have a loop on the end. In other cases, they can be single and have some variations of a spherical shape. This type of product is ergonomic, physiologically verified and effective. Its main purpose is to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis. But it is impossible to recommend this product to all: it can bring not only benefit, but also harm.

Vaginal balls – benefit

Those who believe that the balls are made solely for sexual fun are mistaken, and it is incomprehensible to many why vaginal balls are needed, because their use really gives rise to a sexual upsurge and surge of energy. But the main thing – the use of this product benefits the other: they help strengthen and maintain the vaginal muscles in “working condition”. Their weakening occurs in women after pregnancy and childbirth, as a result of the early onset of menopause, a sedentary lifestyle, with age. To understand what vaginal balls give, you can list the problems that can be eliminated with their proper and long-term use:

  • Uterine fibroids;
  • Cervical erosion;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Urinary retention;
  • Severe menopause;

The omission of organs located within the small pelvis;

  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Discomfort during intercourse;
  • Coldness and sexual dysfunction;

Vaginal balls – contraindications

The action of the vaginal balls can have not only a positive effect on the health of the organism as a whole and its individual organs. There are a number of contraindications that should be considered before purchasing them. Their use is not recommended:

  1. in diseases of the genitourinary system;
  2. Infectious diseases;
  3. Any ailments in the acute stage;
  4. Susceptibility to allergies;
  5. In allergic reactions to the materials from which the balls are made.

Vaginal balls – sensations

When using vaginal balls, there are sensations that may have been lost after giving birth or as a result of other health problems. The muscles of the pelvis weaken and cease to actively decline, which leads to a decrease in sexual activity. If you use them regularly, over time it will be possible to note that vaginal balls for orgasm are simply irreplaceable: they exacerbate the sensation of intimacy, give a surge of strength and energy during sexual intercourse.

Vaginal balls – types

In addition to the healing effect, the balls can bring additional pleasant sensations in bed, you can use vaginal balls for pleasure. In the sex shop you can find several types of such products that are different in appearance and have a different effect when used:

  • Classic balls with a smooth surface and stimulating elements
  • Vaginal balls with vibration;
  • Displaced center of gravity vaginal balls;
  • Weighted vaginal balls.

Vaginal balls with vibration

The use of vibrators to stimulate and obtain additional sensations is no news for anyone. But the vibro-module built into the balls can have a more subtle and piquant effect than an ordinary vibrator. This means that a woman, using vibrating vaginal balls, will experience completely unique bright sensations.

Vaginal balls with a displaced center of gravity

Such a product greatly enhances sexual pleasure. It is achieved by placing in each link a metal ball that moves freely inside it. During the movement of the links begin to oscillate and enhance sensations. What are vaginal balls of this kind? Vaginal balls with a displaced center can give a woman much more pleasure than classic ones.

Heavy vaginal balls

After the classic vaginal balls strengthen the walls of the pelvis, you can proceed to the use of weighted version, which is designed to train the ring muscles of the vagina . With their help, they train for these muscles to hold small items of greater weight. At the same time it is necessary to try to work with them in various positions. When performing exercises in a prone position, you need to try to push the balls, straining the vaginal muscles.

We must learn to walk with them so that they do not fall out. Depending on which vaginal balls are used, the resulting effect depends. At the same time, it is necessary not to confuse their use for health-improving or therapeutic purposes and use for the sake of getting bright sexual sensations. The result of working with them should be the return of the joy of intimate life.

How to choose vaginal balls?

To strengthen the walls of the vagina and return the joy of intimate relationships , used vaginal balls. To obtain the desired result, you need to choose the right product. If it is only about getting additional pleasure from having sex, here every woman is free to choose what is closer and more pleasant for her. In order to recover, it is important to know how to choose the vaginal balls that will bring the greatest benefit. To do this, you need to classify them not only by shape, size or weight, but also by the material from which they are made.

Some kinky partners share their weird and unique ways on how to use anal sex toys here…

Ultimate Guide to Orgasms through Prostate Massage

Prostate orgasm is still surrounded by taboos. Different from the penis, more focused on the outside, it opens the field of enjoyment to new sensations. Provided you name it. The keys, step by step, and benefits of prostate massage with sex therapist.

What is prostatic orgasm?

The prostate is a gland that contains seminal fluid. It is located under

the bladder, at the front of the rectum. It must go through a rectal examination to stimulate it, it can be done with the finger or with a sex toy suitable for this purpose. The sensations associated with it diffuse inside the body, unlike the penis, directed outwards.

Stimulation of the prostate: what is the right position?

Access to this area, when you are solo, is easier in some positions. Since the relaxation factor is important, finding the one that suits you best is also important. Those favored by men are:

  • Position in rifle, knees brought to you, and both hands available;
  • The position on the back, the buttocks raised on a cushion, the knees bent or brought back to you.

How to stimulate the prostate?

A good stimulation requires some precautions of use, namely hygiene of the anal area irreproachable, just like that of the fingers. Well cut nails are preferable, to avoid getting hurt. Provide a lubricant. Give priority to a tiered approach, such as foreplay. The massage is first external. Tap the perineum acupressure area located between the sex and the anus. Then massage the anus so that it opens, in small circular movements, without hitting the mucous membranes, very sensitive to this place. Then do the massage of the prostate, a finger in the rectum. This highly vascular area reacts to heat and back-and-forth movement. Attention, it is located near the bladder; you may have a desire to pee.

Allow yourself to take pleasure

It is an area surrounded by many taboos. It is often associated with a “dirty”, “homosexual” or medical area with digital rectal examination indicated for prostate cancer screening. The main key to the pleasure is to allow you to invest this area, and to pass from the penetrating man to the penetrated man. Then, it is possible to benefit from its virtues of enjoyment. Another important point: “Having fun is not going to change your sexual orientation, if you are straight, “reassures the sex therapist.

Breathing, key element to access pleasure

Pay attention to your breathing! It is possible that you retain it, or that it is jerky. Take further breaths, to let the energy circulate and invade your entire body. The virtues of breathing are proven: it allows relaxing the mind, to focus on his feelings, and to leave aside the critical parts. Breathing allows you to come back to you: the effects of relaxation and relaxation are amplified, thus promoting access to pleasure.

Focus on your feelings

The usual sensations associated with male pleasure are external, with the notion of growing excitement. Here, they are new sensations, rectal contractions, micro-sensations that you probably do not pay attention usually. The orgasmic wave “prostatic” is present at small steps, in micro-contractions .There is no immediate explosion, its progressive. It takes patience, perseverance and coming back. Listening is not easy!

Point P: Squirting without the penis

You may be tempted to return to a more familiar mode, and grab your sex, for “acme”. Resist keeping exploring what’s going on differently. Leave your sex aside for a moment. Tame this area. Allow time for micro-sensations to reach the brain, and your body to continue the experiment.

P-point solo or duet

The best way to start is to explore prostate orgasm solo, to tame these new sensations at your own pace. Take this time just for you, explore smoothly, without waiting. It’s a slow exploration that takes time. With a partner put a frame, if it’s possible. Ask him to be there for you, to progress little by little listening to your feelings.

The sex toy: instructions for use

Solo prostate massage with your finger is not always easy. It’s not so comfortable. “For some, a sex toy adapted to go beyond certain resistance ” explains expert. Choose a sex toy that fits your anatomy, preferably non-vibrating, just to establish the excitement with princess plugs. It should not be too big, too big, or too curved. Ask for advice. The best performers are prostate stimulators, designed for this purpose.

How to use: Avoid manual back and forth which concentrates the action on the rectal area, and no longer on the prostate. You will move away from your feelings. Introduce it and let it go without intervening. The contractions of the sphincter will produce a natural back and forth motion. Let the sensations come.

Vibrations attention!

Vibrating sex toys are to be used with moderation. Indeed with the vibration, the result is guaranteed, often at high speed and intensity. It can bring enjoyment of this area, more easily. However, there is the risk of overbidding, of wanting more and more, and in the long run anesthetizing sensations. The best is to alternate and savor the difference. Prostate orgasm can be divided into several stages. Indeed, prostatic pleasure does not suddenly come as a classic orgasm during masturbation or intercourse. Talk about Super-O in the last stage of the prostate orgasm, after a quality prostate massage and preferably with a prostatic stimulator.

Non-ejaculatory orgasms will occur, cries of pleasure impossible to remember, a trembling body on all sides that no longer control. But the Grail is the arrival of the Super Orgasm. Your whole body becomes orgasmic. The simple touch of a leg, hand, face or any other part of your anatomy will result in a new orgasm more powerful than the previous one

Prepare for Prostatic Orgasm

As with any sexual act, desire and desire must be present. It is useless, especially if you start the prostate massage, to do this just to test 5 minutes. You must have time in front of you and be quiet.

Cut your laptop and relax.

As mentioned above, you will need calm and time to practice a quality prostate massage. Close doors and windows, turn off your smart phone and relax. Try to relax to the maximum to feel the best feelings about your prostate and your perineum. A new discovery of your body will have to be made. And believe me, it’s a treasure hunt you’re headed for.

Lie on your back and once relaxed, contract your sphincter very slightly, which will slightly contract your perineum. This while inhaling very hard and cutting your breath during the contraction. Wait a few seconds, and then slowly release your breathing and your contraction of the perineum. Repeat this 5 to 10 times. You may already feel some prostate sensations.…

4 Ways to Orgasm with Vibrators

It is supposed that the vibrator was created at the end of the nineteenth century to treat hysteria, a problem caused by the accumulation of sexual tension. It is not known whether or not this treatment has been successful, but it is clear that the vibrator has become, over time, a sex toy very fond of women. But sex shop representatives warn us that the wide variety of styles, sizes, and fabrics of vibrators discourage some women and do not know how to choose the “toy” correctly. Below are a few useful tips for choosing in between anal vibrator vs normal vibrator correctly:

Think about what you are using

The most important criterion in choosing a vibrator is the area you want to stimulate. False-shaped vibrators are suitable for vaginal penetration but can also produce pleasure outside the vagina and stimulate the clitoris if they have a very strong vibration. For this type of pleasure, the latest generation or dual-action vibrators are also very good. If you want a toy to use for anal penetration, you need a funnel-shaped vibrator to prevent it from slipping in completely. Most importantly, there are special vibrators in the stores for anal stimulation.

The power of vibrations is very important

If you’re used to masturbating, but you’ve never used a sex toy, try buying a vibrator with a lower speed and vibration adjustable vibration. But if you have a stronger and a bit brutal way to masturbate, you can choose a sex toy with stronger vibrations that can easily bring you ecstasy.

Size matters

The shape and size of a vibrator are very important if you are not yet used to such toys. If you appreciate your discretion, you can buy a small vibrator that you can take with you on trips. Do not forget that there are sorts of vibrators in different stores and sizes, and if the toy does not leave your bedroom, you can choose a larger one. But a bigger vibrator does not mean even greater pleasure, so think well what you want before you buy a sex toy.

Take into account the material from which it is made

Another important aspect when you want to buy a vibrator is the material from which it is made. Soft rubber or silicone sex toys are better for vaginal and anal penetration, while strong plastic vibrators are perfect for clitoral stimulation.

Do not forget about the budget

It is the most accessible and sought-after sex toy, the vibrator can come to cost a lot. The cheapest vibrators are the simple ones, with a normal shape and vibration not very strong. But there are also very expensive sex toys that have a strong vibration, dual action, battery operated and can also be controlled by remote controls.

Initially, the vibrator, this pleasure tool was created for medical purposes: for calming hysterical women. Today, this sex toy is customary in sex shops is the piece de resistance of many nights fire. Here’s what you need to know when you decide to cross the threshold of a sex shop.

How long to be

Even if the fantasies of sex toys manufacturers all possible, you still need to have realistic expectations of the instrument. Given that the average elongation vaginal intercourse is 14-16-18 inches, a vibrator too long, 18 centimeters is likely to turn into an unpleasant experience.

When you are at the first such purchase and you are not sure what size you would like, then it is better to start with a smaller vibrator than a larger one. When you are in a sex shop you do not have to be embarrassed to keep it in your hand until you become accustomed to the size.

For practical purposes

Another important criterion in choosing this sex toy is what area you want to stimulate. Do you want to use it for the relaxation of your clitoris or for vaginal or even anal penetration?

From this point of view, phallic vibrators are best suited for vaginal penetration while Jumping Rabbit or Pearl Stimulator double vibrators stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris so that you do not have to choose between the sensations.

The power of vibrations

If you have not used it before, it’s a good idea to start out with a vibrator at speeds and you’ll discover the intensity that’s best suited for you. Electric vibrators are the most powerful. If you want to use an anal sex toys, then you should choose a specially designed for such sexual practices. After the budget

Even if it turned out to be the favorite toy of many couples, there is the possibility that in your case, the vibrator is not such an inspirational purchase. So at first, when you are in the process of exploration, do not throw yourself at a very expensive vibrator.

And the shape matters

When it comes to shape, you have a variety of models from the most banal to the most eccentric. It is important to choose the one who inspires you and tries you to try erotic imagination.

The vibrator in the contemporary

Nowadays vibrators enjoy incredible success. Any modern woman has or should not have a trusted vibrator at home! Especially because it turned out that the vibrator leads you faster to orgasm and it’s a much more intense orgasm than the one you give it by manual stimulation. Moreover, specialists in sexual therapy recommend vibrators and ladies and ladies who fail to reach climax for another time – either through sexual intercourse with a partner or personal stimulation. And last but not least, you have to keep in mind that the vibrator is, without a doubt, the perfect prelude to a hot sex party!

If you’ve decided to buy a vibrator, these are found in sex shop and not only; come in shapes, colors and flavors! Some vibrators require batteries, others feed from the outlet; some are simple, others provide exclusive clitoral, vaginal or anal stimulation. It is certain that regardless of your preferences, you find the right vibrator for you!

How to choose the right vibrator

When deciding to buy a vibrator, you need to keep in mind a few criteria that make the difference. You may not like any type of vibrator; you may be allergic, for example, to a particular vibrator, just because you are allergic to the material from which it is made. So, here are some of the criteria you need to keep in mind when choosing a vibrator.

  • The material from which the vibrator is made
  • On the market you will find vibrators made of three types of materials: plastic, silicone and gel.

Better said, these are the most common and most affordable. No one says that you cannot make arrogance, if you can, and buy a luxury vibrator of glass, steel or even gold, why not! If you are at your first vibrator, however, sexologists recommend one made of silicone or possibly plastic. These are the easiest to clean and use! As far as design choice is concerned, everything is subjective here. Choose what you like, what it looks like, because you’re not sleeping with a guy that does not seem appealing to you!…

Expert Tips in Choosing the Right Butt Plug for your Partner

How to choose butt plug for your partner

Okay, you and your partner have already decided that you are not averse to diversifying your erotic arsenal with such a sweet and piquant thing as a butt plug (also called a plug). The next question is how we will choose it and what we should focus on.  There are three immutable criteria for choosing a plague, namely:

  • The size
  • The form
  • Material

The fourth additional is the purpose of use. So, anal plug can be fairly divided into male and female. Men have a curved shape to stimulate the prostate.

So, if you are just beginning to experience the joys of anal intimacy, or it will be your first time at all, do not take too large and wide anal plug – it can hurt you. Also, it is not recommended to use plugs made of solid materials (metal, glass or wood) – as long as they are left for extreme sex. The ideal option for you would be a small rubber or silicone cork, 1-2 fingers wide. Buy a more impressive model of anal plug you always have time.

If you like it harder, and anal games are not new to you, you have a lot more choice. Recently, buyers increasingly prefer Japanese silicone models – soft, delicate, multifunctional. But with BDSM sessions, for example, metal (steel) plugs are indispensable, which provide those places with unique coolness and thrill.

Falling on tail

Recently, corks with “tails” have become a trend. Such things give their owners unlimited space for fantasy. And the tails go on sale very different. For example, a neat golden cork with a fluffy hare’s tail leads to the most playful little thoughts. Such a cork does not interfere with traditional sex, due to its small size and looks pretty cute. What about the tail of a raccoon? For those who like to make a joke, indulgence in their sexual games. “Tailed” corks are acquired not only by fans of furry and pony pley, but simply by people with good imagination and without complexes. If you’re interested, visit to get one of these animal tails.

American beauty

Decorating butt plugs is a favorite activity of their manufacturers. If the design of the cork itself must be concise and simple (due to the specifics of its use), then on the “handle” of the plug the designer fantasy usually comes off in full. So, anal plugs with colored pebbles and various patterns and prints literally fly from the shop window. The hit of the season is a butt plug with a US flag. There is no political motive – only style and aesthetics. In all areas of life it is necessary to have good taste, especially in the most intimate. With such a stopper you don’t exactly miss anyone. The butt plug with the US flag is available in large and small sizes. It can be used as a preparatory toy for traditional sex, and for anal entertainment. Here everything depends on the imagination and desire of both partners.

Choosing a Butt Plug

It would seem, butt plug has a single purpose – to deliver a pleasant feeling while moving around the house. However, in fact, there are a lot of options for using this device. Butt plug can act as a mini-dildo, anal stimulator during classic sex, as well as an anus musculature trainer. Thus, it turns out that the butt plug is a toy for all occasions. But is using butt plugs make you gay? how to choose the anal plug so that it can perform all these functions? Let’s look at the various features of anal plugs that are worth paying attention to when choosing.

First, a quality butt plug should be made of a soft, elastic material, such as gel, silicone, or latex. However, there are products made of wood, glass and metal, but they are intended more for those who appreciate a special aesthetic of anal games. Secondly, the butt plug should have an ergonomic shape that facilitates the insertion and wearing of this toy. Especially this parameter should excite those for whom anal games are something new and unknown.

In addition, the anal plug can be equipped with a vibro-module, which turns it into a miniature vibrator. Butt plugs with a built-in vibrator are a great addition to the classic intercourse, allowing a woman to reach orgasm much faster. Also anal plugs can have special reinforcing sensations elements in the form of beads, soft spikes, etc. True, such exotic types of similar toys are more suitable for those who already have experience of anal games.

An important feature of the anal plugs is the fact that they must be used with a special lubricant. Therefore, too long use of toys can lead to irritation, nosing and other micro traumas. To eliminate such problems, you can use a special water-based lubricant. If the product is made of materials sensitive to certain types of lubricants (especially latex), the use of conventional lubricants can lead to the destruction of the top layer of the toy. Therefore, when buying an anal plug, be sure to check with the seller what kind of lubricant is suitable for this toy. The best way to prepare for intimacy with a partner is to use anal sex toys alone or during foreplay. So you can relax and stretch a little anus.

Most popular anal toys for fun: Butt plugs

This type of sex toy has a certain effect on the sensitive area of ??the anus, allowing you to achieve an unsurpassed orgasm. Butt plugs are suitable for both women and men. They are divided into traffic jams with and without vibration, as well as with the effect of expansion, differing in diameter and shape. It all depends on how you want to use this product.

For beginners, it is better to stop at a small size of soft silicone or latex cork. Avoid sudden movements! Since the anus does not emit a natural lubricant, the plug must be treated with a sufficient amount of lubricant.

There are many unusual and attractive models of anal plugs. Any of them can be bought in the sex shop. The French know a lot about the art of love. They even managed to turn the butt plug into an exquisite decoration with a real Swarovski rhinestone! You can choose from several colors: silver, red, black, gold. Such an intimate gift delicately hints partner on your desires.

Anal balls

A row of small round beads on a strong thread is what you need for foreplay before anal sex. But they are often used during traditional sexual intercourse to enhance orgasm. Using anal beads (balls) is very simple: put the beads one by one into the anus and at the time of the climax start slowly removing. You can do it yourself, or ask a partner. There are many variations on the theme of anal balls: these toys can differ in shape (anal fir-trees, beads), the number of balls on the thread, their diameter, material.

In the sex shop you can find anal beads made of PVC, TPE, and silicone, plastic, metal and even glass. Look at the original go pearl anal ball model. The creative form of this anal chain symbolizes love.

You and your partner will love the functional Power Balls. These balls on a strong thread are universal. They can be used for both anal and vaginal stimulation. It’s no wonder they are so popular with fans of sex toys.…

Cleaning Your Sex Toys Is Crucial — Here’s How to Do It the Right Way

Sex toys are tons of fun. They’re a way to spice up any sexual relationship, help to change the feeling of an orgasm and can bring couples closer as they learn what kind of sensations and vibrations make each other feel good. However, what won’t feel good are the consequences of not keeping those sex toys clean.

According to Dr. Laurie Mintz, professor of human sexuality and author of Becoming Cliterate, hygiene and care for toys is really important to preserve the life of the toy and to prevent bacteria build up. Otherwise, users significantly increase chances for discomfort and infections. Depending on the type and material of toy, care may be different, however, Mintz noted the basics start with warm water.

“For most toys, warm water and unscented soap does the trick,” she said. “But, just how you use that soap and water depends on if your toy is motorized (has a battery or motor) or not. If your toy is motorized, make sure to read the packaging to understand what can and cannot be wet. As a general rule, you cannot immerse motorized toys in water. Instead, you need to take out the batteries before cleaning or use only a damp cloth with soap. If your toy is not motorized, you can generally run the entire product under water,” she explained.

But for those of us who use their toys frequently and feel a little more intense cleaning is in order, there are ways to do so.

“If you want to do an occasional deep clean, you can also put non-motorized toys made of silicone, stainless steel, and Pyrex in the top shelf of the dishwasher without soap. You should never put glass toys in the dishwater or expose them to extreme temperatures. It’s also important to know that hard plastic, esastomer and jelly rubber toys, or in other words, toys made of porous materials, can still contain bacteria after washing with soap and water. So if you are sharing these toys, cover them with a condom before using,” Mintz said.

She also said to look for antibacterial sex toy cleaning spray (which also makes single-serve and couple’s sex toys).

“It is also the best I’ve found in terms of getting the toy squeaky clean without leaving residue,” she said. “Generally, you spray these on, leave on a few seconds, and then rinse them off.”

To help keep things clean when storing, Mintz also suggested looking for toys that come with their own storage containers.

“After washing your toys, you should dry them off completely and store them in the case or bag they came in. If you throw them in your bedside drawer without doing this, they can pick up other bacteria and all that washing might have been for naught. If you do this, you’d honestly be best advised to clean again before use,” she said.…